Rant #2: What’s Wrong with this Yankee Team?

This is my return to writing about the Yankees since they wet the bed in the playoffs yet again. This will be going over what I personally think about this team and what direction I think it should go in. 

Killer Instinct

   Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Reggie Jackson, Jorge Posada, and many more have been notorious in October for being a cold blooded killer. So many big moments from these guys from Derek Jeter’s big time singles to Mariano shutting down the World Series. Look at this current team right now and give me 3 guys that have been cold blooded killers in October, Judge doesn’t have it, Stanton doesn’t have it, Voit doesn’t have it, Gleyber doesn’t have it yet, so who does? Maybe you can say DJ LeMahieu and Gerrit Cole but that’s about it. Now let’s get to Aroldis Chapman, how can Chappy be the best Closer in baseball yet he chokes every big game the Yankees have had the last 3 years. 

Being Cheap

  With the recent reports of the Yankees and DJ LeMahieu being $25 M apart from a deal shows how far we are from being the old Yankees right now. Yes we signed Gerrit Cole to the biggest contract for a SP ever, yes we’ve traded for a former MVP in Giancarlo Stanton but the fact that Hal Steinbrener and Brian Cashman can’t realize that DJ has been our most consistent bat and don’t want to give him money is a problem. Just pay the man, we wouldn’t have been as good as we’ve been without him. Trevor Bauer probably won’t go to the Yankees but why haven’t the Yankees throwing money at the reigning CY Young? Why haven’t the Yankees reached out to Tanaka or Paxton yet about an extension? Because HAL AND CASHMAN ARE CHEAP, they are banking too much that Deivi Garcia and Clarke Schmidt develop REALLY GOOD this season for us to contend this year. We are really about to do worse than last year where we were almost the 3rd seed in the division like what are we doing? In baseball if you aren’t getting better you’re getting worse which was shown by the Cubs where they didn’t change anything since their championship and they got worse because teams get better. 

Give DJ a blank check, Sign Bauer or Paxton and Tanaka and GET THIS TEAM BACK TO THE WORLD SERIES. 

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