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2x BABY! The Jets defeat the Browns, 23-16. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

Hey if your going to blow your chances at Trevor Lawrence, do it in fashion. The Jets did exactly that and have beaten back to back 9+ win teams. Darnold has had zero turnovers in both of those wins and Gase did decent. Our defense has been playing incredible and are showing their potential. Joe Douglas’ draft class looks better each and every single day. Even the OL is making great strides. Pat Elflein has really played good these past two weeks. Mekhi Becton continues to be a beast. The right side needs some help but Fant is doing this thing. Our young DL led by Quinnen, Foley, JFM and Basham is looking quite promising. It’s also a very deep depth that includes Nathan Shepherd and Kyle Phillips. This defense will be a big name some day! Let’s dig into this recap:

Game Recap:

This one started a little slowly. It started off with a punt from both teams on each initial possession. Then on Cleveland’s second possession they marched down field and were close to a TD but put up a FG, 3-0 Browns. Jets responded with a punt and Cleveland punted as well. Then the Jets decided to play football, but this time with a little trickery up their sleeve as… CROWDER and Berrios connect on a 43-yard TD, 7-3 Jets. Baker thought he would drop back for a big pass until Luvu and Basham worked together to make Baker fumble the ball and put the Jets in great position. The Jets took advantage and Sam connection with HERNDON FOR ANOTHER TD, 14-3! The next 4 possessions results with punts but on the last drive Baker had a chance to get his Browns downfield for a last second FG into the second half. However, Cody Parkey (Browns Kicker) had other plans and missed the kick! 14-3 Jets at HT! The Jets get the first possession and Darnold threw a dime to Crowder for a TD, 20-3! Cleveland then punts and Jets March downfield AGAIN, and attempt a FG until former Jet Sheldon Richardson blocks the KICK! The Browns go downfield and Chubb punches one in to revive the Browns, 20-10. Jets respond with a punt and the Browns are now feeling it! They March down field and Hunt scores a TD, 20-16 Jets. 3 consecutive punts until Baker fumbles it to BASHAM, AGAIN! Jets put more points on the board with a FG, 23-16! It’s still winnable for Cleveland until they reach into a 4th down situation. Then Baker fumbles it and tried to have Hunt pick it up but they won’t count it and Basham comes through with the game saving hit. That’s the nail in the coffin and that’s how the Jets won their second game of the season!



1. Trevor: With winning this game, you officially ended your chance at drafting the best prospect since Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and John Elway. The Jaguars now have CLINCHED the first pick because they had an easier schedule and sucked the most. This move likely sets back our franchise for the next 10 years. I hope Darnold gets it together and starts to look like the QB we all wished and thought he was. I still have hope in Sammy, but we don’t deserve him. Through adversity and happiness, he’s been a Jet and never once complained. A true leader!


1. Rookies: The Mount of the Left Side, the Monster among men, the Beast of the turf, the six foot seven, 367 pound rookie, pro bowl deserving, generational talent….. MEKHI BECTON! He had a rough weekend going up against Myles Garrett but he didn’t let Myles own him. They both did great against each other, remember Becton is only a rookie. The man still pushed people out of the way and makes holes for the runner. Absolute monster, but let’s not forget about Braden Mann who has kicking punts in the 10 and 20 yard line. CB Bryce Hall had a great performance as well. HYPED!

2. Jets DL and Maye: Quinnen was out for this game but the rest of this young DL showed UP! Frankie Luvu, Nathan Shepherd, John Franklin-Myers, and Tarrell Basham all has sacks and Basham went crazy with not only a sack but was involved in fumbles! Great day by the DL, it was very reassuring to see these guys ball out. Then, you have Maye in the backfield. He’s getting one handed INTs, buttceptions and game winning pass deflections. Hand him a check, no question!

3. Sammy: Looks like the Sam Darnold/NY Jets express isn’t quite over yet. I’m not against keeping Sam, he just needs a real coach. He needs an actual coach instead of Adam Gase. Darnold balled out on Sunday AGAIN and looked like the man we thought he’d be. Go ball out, Sammy! Be our savior and forgive us for our ungratefulness!

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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