The Nets DESTROY the Warriors, 125-99! Game Recap and Takeaways.

One down, and 71 to go! Where we AT BROOOOOOOOKLYN?! After so many years of bad decisions and depression, the Nets now have a dominant title contending roster. Even after the tragic Billy King trade, this organization led by Sean Marks and Owner Joseph Tsai got back on its feet and have become the best team in NY and will prove themselves as the best in the world. Yesterday, they absolutely destroyed the Warriors by 26 points! KD is looking like his former self and Kyrie is an absolute BEAST! Don’t sleep on future sixth man of the year, Caris LeVert! Then, Joey Buckets with his 3pt shot! WOOOOOOO! The defense was great last night as well, let’s dig into yesterday’s great game.

Game Recap:

The night started a little show, but the team got hot and it seemed like they weren’t planning on missing. Kyrie started the scoring with a pull-up jumper. By the time the first quarter was up, the score was 40-25 and the dynamic duo both had over 10 points. It was very impressive and it didn’t stop because they went into HT with a 63-45. They had a slow 2nd quarter considering how GREAT they played in Q1. The team had such a great lead going into the fourth quarter that they started to play their third team, and that third team still put up 20+ points. This team is very deadly whether you like it or not. Brooklyn is BACK!


  1. KD is healthy: After yesterday’s performance I don’t want to see anymore comments about KD’s health. The man is as healthy as healthy can be. He looks like he is at 100% and like he’s in MVP form. He can make shots from whenever he pleases.
  2. Kyrie is a 3pt shooter: The jump shot and then the criss-cross apple sauce! WOOOOO Kyrie is deadly from downtown. He put up 26 points alongside KD’s 22 points, I’ve never seen such smooth play from two stars. As long as they are healthy, we are goooood!
  3. Caris and the defense: Caris was also deadly from the three and finished off with 20pts-9rebs-5ast. He is the leader of that second squad and it looks like it’s best for him to be the leader of that second squad. I absolutely love how good this team is. Now, can we talk about how underrate our defense is! KD has 3 steals and Jordan/Allen and even LeVert can get boards! Joey Buckets looks better on the defense, I’m loving it!

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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