FBD’s NFL Power Rankings (Post Week 15)! Steelers drop out of the top 5?! Colt back in?! Rams not in top 10?!

Kansas City Chiefs

1. Kansas City Chiefs (13-1, Prev. 1)
The big red bad proves it’s greatness week in and week out. This week the Chiefs faced a fellow Super Bowl contender, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints weren’t at full power because they were missing the likes of Michael Thomas and a fully healthy Drew Brees. Nonetheless, this was an impressive victory and was only a sneak peak on how good this game could be with both teams at full power. KC remains at number one.

Buffalo Bills

2. Buffalo Bills (11-3, Prev. 2)
Keep blowing out teams like that and you’ll be taking a vacation at the number two spot. They beat around Denver like they were some scrubs. It was an absolute beat down and Allen is a for sure MVP candidate. NFL defenses must be afraid right now, not only do you have to worry about KC’s dominant offense, but now Buffalo has risen. This is going to make for a very interesting and possible AFC Championship between KC and BUF. Will they be able to keep up with KC? Will Allen choke under pressure? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Green Bay Packers

3. Green Bay Packers (11-3, Prev. 3)
Monster squad right here, even when Aaron Rodgers is doing a little crappy, Aaron Jones can come in and get that first down. It seems like ARod and Coach LaFleur are now getting along perfectly. They are quite the dynamic duo and ARod seems to be getting younger, game after game. They went out there and put a show on the turf, presented by Aaron Jones. I feel like this team shows off its big guns versus whoever they choose to. This is yet again another opportunity for Rodgers to get that so wanted second Super Bowl Championship. They definitely have the firepower to do so, the only worry is can they match up with the. Chiefs?

New Orleans Saints

4. New Orleans Saints (10-4, Prev. 4)
A 2 game losing streak, really? Teams now finally have tape on Taysom Hill, so you switch back to Drew Brees and mess it all up. Michael Thomas has had an injury-riddled season and plans to miss the rest of the season but may return for the postseason. Many say he’ll be at 100% health, but we’ll be the judge of that. You’d think after getting absolutely humiliated on Twitter for being called “Slant Boy,” he’d be committed to kicking rear-ends. All he’s done this season is get hurt and ball out against the sorry Atlanta Falcons defense. Brees didn’t look too bad on his first game back from 11 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. They’ve been chasing that second championship for quite some time now, hopefully they don’t have to meet Minnesota in the playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts

5. Indianapolis Colts (10-4, Prev. 7)
Before I get any backlash for rating the Browns and the Colts over Pittsburgh, just remember that Cincinnati is a 3-10-1 football team and is chasing a top 3 pick with their franchise QB out for the season. Anyways, the Colts have played their hearts out week after week. This week, it wasn’t a pretty game versus the Texans but they got the job done and showed that they can avoid a game losing touchdown. This team should be a contender, let’s see how long this lasts with Phillip Rivers at the QB position.

6. Cleveland Browns (10-4, Prev. 10)

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3, Prev. 5)

8. Tennesse Titans (10-4, Prev. 8)

9. Seattle Seahawks (10-4, Prev. 9)

10. Baltimore Ravens (9-5, Prev. 11)

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5, Prev. 12)

12. Miami Dolphins (9-5, Prev. 13)

13. Los Angeles Rams (9-5, Prev. 6)

14. Arizona Cardinals (8-6, Prev. 14)

15. Chicago Bears (7-7, Prev. 18)

16. Washington Football Team (6-8, Prev. 16)

17. Las Vegas Raiders (7-7, Prev. 15)

18. Minnesota Vikings (6-8, Prev. 17)

19. New England Patriots (6-8, Prev. 19)

20. Los Angeles Chargers (5-9, Prev. 25)

21. Dallas Cowboys (5-9, Prev. 28)

22. Denver Broncos (5-9, Prev. 20)

23. Detroit Lions (5-9, Prev. 21)

24. New York Giants (5-9, Prev. 22)

25. Philadelphia Eagles (4-9-1, Prev. 24)

26. San Francisco 49ers (5-9, Prev. 23)

27. Houston Texans (4-10, Prev. 28)

28. Carolina Panthers (4-10, Prev. 26)

29. Atlanta Falcons (4-10, Prev. 27)

30. Cincinatti Bengals (3-10-1, Prev. 30)

31. New York Jets (1-13, Prev. Last)

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13, Prev. 31)

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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