New York Jets

They won… The Jets defeat the LA Rams, 23-20. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

I can’t believe they blew it. On Sunday, the New York Jets picked up their first win of the season against the LA Rams to avoid a crushing 0-16 season. With that came consequences, losing the first overall pick. Many Jets fans throughout the world are livid and upset. However, the players are happier than ever. Not only was did they just win a game but they beat a Super Bowl contender. Big props to the boys at Florham Park. Sam looked great, Becton looked like a beast and Quinnen looked like a monster! Don’t forget our future CB1, Bryce Hall dude balled out! Very excited to see this crew ball out next year, let’s be successful next year. No matter who the QB is, let’s dig in.

Game Recap:

I am a very conflicted Jets fan and writer, but let’s dig into the first win of the NY Jets 2020 campaign. The Rams received the ball and had a quick third and out. It was very odd to see that from a Super Bowl contender. Then, the Jets marched down field and scored due to the Darnold and Ty Johnson pass, 7-0 Jets. On their next drive, the Rams had yet another 3rd and out. The Jets stay quiet and punt the ball away back to the Rams. The Rams do nothing with it and continue to look worse. When they punt it, J.T. Hassell rushes in and blocks the punt. The Jets are set up in perfect territory. They take advantage and score a FG, 10-0 Jets. After 4 punts from the Jets and Rams, there is one minute left in the first half. The Rams have the ball and they charge downfield and score a FG before time expires, 13-3 Jets at HT. To start the half, Darnold gets his boys downfield and Frank Gore punches it in to give the Jets a 17-point lead, 20-3 Jets. The Rams FINALLY responded with a TD from Goff to Woods, 20-10 Jets. Many NYJ fans were feeling better about almost choking. The Jets then responded with a FG, 23-10 Jets. Goff had enough and started to look good as he connected with Tyler Higbee for a TD, 23-17 Jets. Now, the NYJ had ZERO response for that and punted it away. The Rams were just a TD away from winning, until they turn it over on downs. Then, the Jets took victory formation and allowed the Jaguars to have the first overall pick, yikes. Jets victorious, 23-17.




1. Trevor: With winning this game, you punt away your main chance at drafting the best prospect since Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and John Elway. The Jaguars now own the first pick because they had an easier schedule and sucked the most. This move likely sets back our franchise for the next 10 years. I hope Darnold gets it together and starts to look like the QB we all wished and thought he was. I still have hope in Sammy, but we don’t deserve him. Through adversity and happiness, he’s been a Jet and never once complained. A true leader!

2. Fourth Quarter: The football we play in the fourth quarter is UGLY! The team doesn’t play terrible but they stop playing hard. There is risk with that, go ahead and ask teams like the Chargers and the Falcons on how playing badly in the fourth quarter is costly to the result of the game. I like what I saw this weekend, go crazy guys.


Yahoo, Sam Darnold embraces Marcus Maye after win

1. Rookies: The Mount of the Left Side, the Monster among men, the Beast of the turf, the six foot seven, 367 pound rookie, pro bowl deserving, generational talent….. MEKHI BECTON! Wow this guy is the best left tackle we’ve ever had since D’Brick. He pushes people out of the way and makes holes for the runner. Absolute monster, but let’s not forget about TikTok Star Bryce Hall. Haha, just kidding but Jets rookie CB Bryce Hall had a breakout performance. He got his first career INT off of Jarred Goff on Sunday. Congrats to the rook!

2. Jets DL and Maye: The fact these Quinnen and Maye aren’t Pro Bowlers is a shame! Quinnen Williams has had a breakout year and is looking like that dude that we saw in Alabama. He has had an impressive 7 sacks instead of the 2.5 he had last year. Franklin-Myers also had a sack on Sunday alongside Nathan Shephard. It was very impressive to see these guys ball out. Then, you have Maye in the backfield. He’s getting one handed INTs, buttceptions and game winning pass deflections. Hand him a check, no question!

3. Sammy: Looks like the Sam Darnold/NY Jets express isn’t quite over yet. I’m not against keeping Sam, he just needs a real coach. He needs an actual coach instead of Adam Gase. Darnold balled out on Sunday and looked like the man we thought he’d be. Go ball out, Sammy! Be our savior and forgive us for our ungratefulness!

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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