The NBA is BACK!! Opening Day Game Preview/Predictions/Odds

Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriors:

 Kevin Durant vs Stephen Curry in battle for the first time since KD blew a 3-1 lead to Steph back in the 2016 Western Conference Finals. Two teams with different looks, looking at the same goal. The Nets are gonna bring their stars out and use their depth against a not so deep Warriors bench. This game is gonna be fast paced and a lot of 3’s are gonna be put up on both sides. Curry is gonna try to get the rookie James Wiseman going early because Jarrett Allen isn’t gonna be able to guard him if Wiseman is on. Plus if Curry wants the Warriors back into the playoffs he’ll have to bring back his MVP form that hasn’t been brought out since 2016. Does he still have that side in him? Steve Nash will be a big part of this game tonight, how much will he play Kyrie and KD both coming off injuries. You want to play your star players but at the same time you want them to start getting into the swing of things in a 72 game series. But with all of that being said…

Prediction: Brooklyn Nets (-7.5)

Warriors news: Stephen Curry says Kevin Durant is 'doing whatever he can on  a daily basis to get healthy'

Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers:

  Coming off an impressive Finals win for the Lakers, LeBron and company will be getting their rings right in front of the Clippers after they talked so much trash last year about being LA’s team. The Clippers are coming off a devastating WSF loss to the Nuggets but have added a piece that could really help them in Serge Ibaka. But somehow the Lakers got better from last year with the addition of the 6MOTY Montrezl Harell, 6MOTY runner up Dennis Schroder, Wesley Mathews, and Marc Gasol. Like how can a championship team get that much better? But I think the Lakers will have another chip on their shoulder to go back to back and this is by far the best team LeBron has been on so this is his best chance to try to catch up with Michael Jordan’s 6 rings.

Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers (-3.5)

Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks:

  Another season another year when Giannis and the Bucks will be the favorite to win the East. But Giannis will have to prove himself against a really good Celtics team. With Kemba out we will finally see if Jayson Tatum has the top 5 player potential that everyone says he has. Will a new era of Jayson Tatum be born tomorrow? With that in mind let’s head over to one of his teammates in Jaylen Brown who everyone has a feeling of him being an All Star this year because with Hayward off to Charlotte and Kemba out he’ll be getting a way bigger piece of the pie in Boston. Will Giannis continue his terror of reign or will Jayson Tatum take the next step towards the top? Well…

Prediction: Boston Celtics (+3)

Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks:

   2 teams with high expectations are gonna clash tomorrow night, the new look Phoenix Suns looking for a playoff slot versus a Dallas Mavericks team who’s looking for a championship slot. With the acquisition of Chris Paul from the Thunder, the Suns are finally in a spot where they can play meaningful basketball. Now it’s time for Devin Booker to show his real worth and it’s gonna be his first time playing meaningful basketball, we saw in the end stretch of last year in the bubble him playing for a playoff slot and he balled out so hopefully we’ll see that the whole season from Booker. Now on the Mavericks side of the ball they have a MVP candidate in Luka Doncic and are looking for a statement win to show the league they aren’t a joke and that they are ready to contend for a Championship. With that being said…

Prediction: Phoenix Suns (+1)

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