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How to fix the New York Football Giants || Trevor Lawrence Trade? || Fire Joe Judge? || Trade Saquon?

In the 2018 NFL Draft the New York Giants sat at #2 off the back of a horrendous 3-13 season in which then Head Coach and General Manager Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese were fired being replaced by Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur. Around the Giants were the 0-16 Cleveland Browns and the 4-12 Indianapolis Colts while the Browns elected to go with Heisman trophy winner Baker Mayfield, the Colts thought it was best to trade down with the New York Jets and select generational Guard out of Notre Dame Quenton Nelson, still sitting at #2 the New York Giants committed the ultimate Draft night sin by selecting a Running back high in the draft. 3 years later the New York Giants are 5-9 while the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts both have a record above .500. So, I think it’s safe to say the Gettleman in New York era has been a total disaster. Enjoy the article  

Fire Dave Gentleman  

As I alluded to in the opening paragraph Dave Gettleman has done little to no good since being hired by John Mara and co in 2018 to become the New York Giants 6th General Manager. He’s produced 3 straight losing seasons. 2 different Head Coaches and by the looks of it a Quarterback bust at the #6 pick. So as the tittle of this paragraph states if I’m the New York Giants this offseason I fire Dave Gettleman.  

While I prefer the New York Giants hire Ed Dodds Vice President of Player Personnel due to his past use of analytics when drafting and his high understanding of positional value, another and more realistic option I would totally get behind would be giving Joe Judge the keys and allowing him to pick his guy. While this may mean we miss out on Dodds, I completely trust Joe Judge and his decision making. 

Trade Saquon Barkley

It saddens me to even write this as Saquon Barkley has quickly become one of my favorite Athletes of all time due to his incredible play on the field and his class and character off the field, but the Giants best course of option is to trade him. Let me explain, you should never draft a Running Back in the first round let alone #2, and my belief is in today’s football landscape is you can find an above average Running Back anywhere, if you want an example just look no further than Wayne “train” Gallman. Luckily the Saquon draft pick hasn’t totally backfired on the Giants as Barkley as immerged one of the premier running backs in the league when healthy. As a result of that I believe Saquon’s trade value remains relatively high. My proposed trade is … 

The New York Giants receive The New York Jets 2021 first round pick (via the Seattle Seahawks) and The New York Jets 2021 3rd round pick in return for Saquon Barkley and a 2o21 7th round pick (via the Arizona Cardinals) 

This trade sends the Jets a superstar they’ve been lacking since the Jamal Adams trade and they also get one of the best offensive weapons in the league to pair with Sam Darnold/Justin Fields/ Trey Lance. But not only is this a win for the Jets, it’s also a win for the Giants receiving much needed draft capital.  But wait…. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, this trade sends Saquon to his favorite childhood team while not having to move his family out of their $13 million dollar penthouse in Manhattan. 

Draft Zach Wilson and trade up 

Yes media…. You win. To all the media pundits and so called “drafted experts” who bashed Daniel Jones on draft night and said he wasn’t a franchise quarterback you win. If I am Joe Judge and the New York Giants on April 29th 2021 I do everything in my power to get Zach Wilson. Zach is electrifying with one of the best arms I’ve ever seen from a college player ever. While he is not nearly as mobile as DJ (Daniel Jones) he’s still mobile enough to be a threat in the run game. But best of all he has HEART. Now I’m not saying Daniel Jones doesn’t have heart I’m just saying you can clearly tell with Zach when he goes out there, he gives everything he physically can and more when compared to Daniel, I’m not so sure. 

Trading up may not be in the cards come draft night, but if it is I 100% do it. Going up to the mid-teens allows us to grab a our future WR1 Jaylen Waddle and who I believe is better than his Alabama counterpart Devonta Smith who has been lighting it up in Waddles absence. Jaylen Waddle is a 5’10 182 LBS WR from Texas with incredible top end speed and amazing hands. While he may not be the biggest guy in the world his catch radius is incredible and his ability to go up and win 50/50 balls is second to no one. My proposed trade is… 

The New York Giants receive #15 overall and the New England Patriots receive 2020 New York Jets 1st round pick (via the Seattle Seahawks), New York Jets 2020 3rd round pick, and New York Giants 2020 5th round pick. 

Free Agency 

The New York Giants enter free agency with a lot to do with only $19,544,688 in cap space to do it with. So first things first if I’m the Giants I’m cutting the revolving door that was Nate Solder, this move frees up $10,000,000 million in cape space and brings us up to $29,544,688 in cap space. However, that not all. Not only would I cut Nate Solder, I would also cut Golden Tate. By cutting Golden Tate the Giants save $6,147,061 million in cap space and with that cut our cap space totals to $35,691,749 million in cap space. Lastly if you add in the Saquon Barkley trade I mentioned earlier that saves us $4,903,829 which totals up our salary cap to $40,595,578. 

But don’t get happy yet, as I mentioned earlier the New York Giants have a lot of work to do and not a lot of money to do it with. First things first if I’m the Giants on March 17th I’m resigning Leonard Williams to a contract anywhere between $16-$19 million a year for 3 years with a team option after the second. Leo has been a major reason as to why this defense has been successful with his 8.5 sacks however, I would not like to sign him into a long-term contract incase this season is an outlier. The second deal I’m getting done is resigning Kyler Fackrell to another 1 year deal. Fackrell was very productive in his time on the field and the New York Giants need as much help pressuring the Quarterback as possible. The final deal I’d do everything in power to get done is signing Bud Dupree. He is without a doubt the best edge rusher available in this year’s free agency class despite him coming off a torn ACL. Prior to his injury Bud had everything you want in your true OLB he can beat his man with speed, power, stunts and he can occasionally drop in coverage. While this signing is frankly less realistic and not needed nearly as much as the other signing, I would like the Giants to look at picking up Corey Davis on a 3 year deal. Signing Davis would sure our receiving core and he would be our first true WR1 since OBJ. 

I would also consider resigning both Logan Ryan and Dalvin Tomlinson, however I believe they both will receive large payday and I find it pointless to pay big money to an aging safety who we already drafted his replacement and a run stuffing DT when we’ve already paid BIG money to another DT. 


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