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Trash. The Jets lose to the Seahawks, 40-3. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

Ugh, this just sucks at this point. 37 points, 37 DAMN POINTS! What the heck! This is an awful representation of Jets football. I expected an L, I expected a rear-end kicking but a 37-point blowout?! This wasn’t even a respectable loss. I can’t even back this up, I want Trevor badly but I don’t want a 37pt blowout. Pure disgraceful representation of football. The only points we put up on the board, were our opening drive points. Which was a FG. This game was hard to watch from the start, at least yesterday was KD’s Nets debut.

Game Recap:

This was a terrible performance, so this’ll be a quick recap. The Jets get the ball first and start with a left-sided run with… Frank Gore. It give a good gain, then Darnold connects with Herndon for a first down. Then he throws an absolute dime to Perriman and they get down field, but Seattle avoids the TD and forces a FG, 3-0 Jets. At this point, some worried feelings creeped up on me because Sam looked really good on that drive. However, Russell Wilson looked even better. He marched downfield and found Freddie Swain wide open in the back of the endzone for the TD, 7-3 SEA. The Jets go back out there and get nothing done, Seattle’s ball. Russell marches downfield again, this drive looks promising. Until he throws a deep ball and it’s caught by….. MAYE DAY for the INTERCEPTION! He made a ridiculous grab and made DK and Russell look silly!

@NFL_DovKleiman via Twitter

It was a wonderful catch and made our Sunday better by knowing we have the better safety, Luv! #Prez. The Jets got the ball back and of course they did nothing with the ball and punted it away. However, to force the punt Jamal Adams deflected a pass instead of having a wide open Pick-6. He still has coverage issues, but he’s a safety. It doesn’t make sense, he is now living up to his nickname that many football fans have given him, “Blitz Boy,” it’s quite the interesting nickname but definitely makes sense. If he caught that interception, all Jets fans all over the world would be forced into depression.

@MySportsUpdate via Twitter

When the Seahawks received the ball, they went to TOWN! They went downfield in strong fashion and ended the drive with a all-around great throw and catch from Russell Wilson to D.K. Metcalf, 14-3. The Jets responded in great fashion with a depressing fumble, now the blowout begins! Seattle hits a field goal, 17-3 SEA. Jets get in field goal range and Sergio “TANK KING” Castillo misses his first FG of the night, 17-3 SEA. Seattle punts it back to NYJ and they go downfield into field goal range and Tank King misses again! Seattle now takes advantage and Chris Carson punches in a TD, 24-3 SEA. Jets get into field goal range, AGAIN! And Tank King misses it, AGAIN! End of the first half. To start the second half, Seattle receives the ball and slowly gets downfield but score a touchdown, 30-3. Jets respond with a punt and Seattle says, “I must CRUSH you,” and Russ connects with David Moore, 37-3. Jets do nothing, AGAIN! Then, the Seahawks do the most disrespectful thing ever. They took Russ out for former Jets QB, Geno Smith. This is a big SMH for all Jets fans. Geno drives down field and gets a FG for Seattle and the final score was 40-3. Ugly!




1. Adam Gase: Mr. Brilliant Offensive Mind, we still running WR screens on 3rd and 21? You were definitely calling plays this week. An awful job, this time around. You some how made our RBs look horrid? Do you have pictures of Frank Gore in your house? Stop playing him so damn much. Sad sack of garbage! We won’t miss you, but you clearly suck at coaching so this helps the tank, keep up the terrible work!

2. Tank King: Sergio Castillo, really? We had actual high hopes for this guy to be our next kicker for the future, SIKE! He missed 3 field goals on Sunday, three! Missing those kicks really killed our chances of even being in the game, we on our own suck. We don’t need to the kicker to be just as bad.

3. Conservative Defense: This is the exact opposite of what Gregg Williams has been doing. Gregg was not passive and called a wild amount of blitzes, he brought the rush to the QB. Frank Bush hasn’t exactly done that, yesterday’s defense was very stay back and passive. It was very annoying, but I understand why he did it. He needs to call some more blitzes though.


New York Jets, Marcus Maye Interception

1. MAYE DAY: GO CRAZY MAYE! I’m still in awe after that one handed INT you had. I’m happy and impressed. Maye put up 4 total tackles, 1 INT and a pass deflection. We have to resign this guy to an extension. 3 years, $27M would be ideal but let’s hope they reach out to him first. We can’t let this safety walk!

2. Berrios and Foley: Yesterday, we missed Mims but Berrios filled in and looked great. He had 5 targets, 3 receptions and 49 yards. Not bad, he should definitely be involved in plays every single Sunday. He has nice hand and can run! Holy FOLEY! Folorunso Fatukasi had 2 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss and 2 QB hits. Great game for Foley and love to see it!

3. Ballentine?: The season has gotten so bad, that a kick returner is on the positives list. However, Corey balled out yesterday. I didn’t even know he was on the Jets roster, could’ve sworn he was on the Giants. He returned 3 kicks and had exactly 100 returning yards. His longest return was for 66 yards and it set up the Jets for a FG, missed it of course.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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