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Trevor. The Jets lose to the Raiders, 31-28. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

There is still a chance, and I am happy. As much as I would LOVE to win a game this season, we simply can’t! We have to go 0-16 not just because we’ll get Trevor Lawrence, the greatest QB prospect since Andrew Luck, but because Adam Gase will still find a way into being the HC of the NYJ in 2021. If we were to win a game, he’d take full credit and say, let me coach this great gift that I gave you (Trevor) and this was the only game I controlled the play-calling. Which is a big, fat LIE but that’s all this coach does. LIE, LIE, LIE! This game was close and nearly made me cry because the fact that we’d go 1-15 in this awful year and not even get compensation for sucking so BAD made me feel sick! We need a restart at the QB/HC position. Let’s get into the recap:

Game Recap:

Besides the heart attack this game gave me, it was a phenomenal performance by the New York Jets. We lost, Sam looked great, the running game is ALIVE, Quinnen is a monster and we are healthy. Let’s dig in, so the game starts with Sam Darnold leading the Jets offense. They slowly get downfield and San throws a beautiful ball to Crowder for the score! It got the ball rolling. Now Carr comes onto the field and throws an interception?! At this points most Jets fans are panicking at the fact that we are playing good. Very worrisome in 2020, however we do nothing with that turnover. On their next drive, Carr connects to Waller for their first touchdown of the day, 7-7. The Jets respond with another touchdown of their own and miss the PAT, 13-7. The Jets force Vegas to punt and Darnold fumbled to give it right back. Vegas score a FG, 13-10. So, in classic fashion before the half Darnold throws a INT and gives it back to Vegas… AGAIN! Raiders take it in for a TD due to the monster they call Darren Waller. We simply had no answer for him this entire game. Then we fumble it right before the half, 17-13 Raiders. On Vegas’ first drive in the second half they score a touchdown and look strong, 24-13. Sadly, after that Vegas stops doing what they were doing and the game is quiet for the next 4 possessions until the Jets capatilize on a opportunity and make it a 24-20 game. Now, we start to get nervous. We feel as if, there’s no way we win this, right? Until Vegas fumbles the damn ball, we start to panic because we get the ball, it’s a one-score game, we are on fire, and we historically win at the worst moments. Until Ty Johnson punches in a TD to make it a 28-24 ballgame. Right about now we feel like we are in the movie Back in the future. We feel like that jersey swap of Trevor Lawrence in a Jets jersey is fading away, in a very fast manner. Vegas is now down 28-24, and they turn over on downs. Most Jets fans, like me are on the verge of crying. We have made it this far in the tank for Trevor, all this heartache for…. Justin Fields. Ugh! Until in classic Jets fashion, they fail to convert on third down and give Vegas a chance. After many plays, here we are. Vegas on the Jets 52 yard line. They need a 48 yard touchdown to win. Gregg “The Goat” Williams calls a…. blitz? Then Ruggs destroys Lamar Jackson (Jets CB) on a deep route for the GAME WINNING TD! THE TANK IS ALIVE EVERYBODY! The Trevor Lawrence Jersey Swap is live and well! Like Rich Eisen said, one day, when Trevor has to pick confetti out of his hair, we will thank Gregg “The Goat” Williams and put up a mural and statue of him at MetLife Stadium. Thank you Gregg, Leader of Men!



Bill Kostroun

1. Adam Gase: You’re going to be number one on this list, week in and week out. As you deserve to be, Mr. Brilliant Offensive Mind. I guess you were play calling this week. Not a bad job, in all seriousness you weren’t awful. However, you were bailed out by the running backs. You are still a sad sack of garbage! We won’t miss you, but you clearly suck at coaching so this helps the tank, keep up the terrible work!

2. High Blood Pressure: This was the story the entire fourth quarter. It was a very emotional 15 minutes. For once, we actually thought we were going to win one. What a scary thought. The Tank for Trevor is far from over, we still have four games to lose boys. Don’t make it give us all high blood pressure. Just some simple competence and competition would be nice.

3. 3 Targets?: Why did star rookie wideout, Denzel Mims only has 3 targets?! He caught two of them and it led to 40 yards, but why only 3 targets. He’s been balling this entire year and deserves at least 10 targets a game. He’s deserved it and has gained our trust. You don’t know what you have in a player until you play him. Get it going guys, PLAY MIMS!


N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

1. GROUND AND POUND!: I did not expect this from Ty Johnson and Josh Adams. After Gore left with a concussion, we finally got to see some other talent and my oh my was it unexpected. Johnson came out and delivered our first 100+ yard game since Isaiah Crowell in 2018. That was a while ago. Adams has 74 yards as well, I am excited on what this duo can do later this week versus the Seahawks and Jamal Adams. Keep it up!

2. QUINNEN: I LOVE IT! HE’S A BALLER!!! For a second I thought he’d be a bust. I think we all did though. We were TERRIFIED! He proved us all wrong this year though! He has 6 sacks in 11 games played, and that’s while being doubled. Imagine when he gets a high profile EDGE rusher. Keep it up big fella, you’re Pro-Bowl bound.

3. Sammy!: Sam, we loved you. We really did, we still do. However, you’ve been ruined by the “Brilliant Offensive Mind,” Adam Gase. These are likely your last games as the Jets starter if we draft Lawrence. This week, you had a very impressive performance. You threw for 186 yards, 2 TDs and only one INT. Better than last week, keep progressing Sam.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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