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Welp. The Jets lose to the Dolphins, 20-3. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

This wasn’t even competitive, we suck! The Jets lost 20-3 to the Miami Dolphins. This was ugly to watch. Gase had no success at all when he held the playbook. Then, claims he didn’t take the duty of play calling away from OC Loggains. Which he clearly did. The defense held the Tua-Less Dolphins to 20 points and gave the offense opportunities to catch up. Hey, at least the tank for Trevor is still on! Let’s dig into this game:

Game Recap:

This is exactly what I wish didn’t happen but I’m happy we lost. We got blown out and Darnold looked god awful. They DID NOT show up to play, our rookies did look exceptional, and we remain winless at 0-11! The way this game started was like, “Why did they score? This is too close for comfort,” and that feeling didn’t last long. Once, Fitzpatrick settled in and Darnold got antsy this game was over. It started with a FG from the NY Jets. After several scoreless drives, Miami kicked a FG of their own. On Miami’s next drive they wasted no time and scored to make it a 10-3 ballgame. I’m fine with that but what is a catch? Like seriously what is a catch in the year 2020. The standard guide is, both feet in bounds, no bobbling of the ball, once your knee is down the play is over, and the ball has to be secured. Does this “catch” that was challenged by Coach Gase fit the criteria? The answer is NO!

@NFL via YouTube, catch is at 0:21

I’m not really complaining because it led to us losing but if that were the Jets, they’d call that a fumble, only to screw us over. On Miami’s next drive they scored another FG before halftime and gave the Jets 5 minutes to do something before halftime. The Jets went down-field, they got in field goal range and set up Sergio Castillo, who’s been phenomenal all season long, to shorten the Miami lead to 7 points. The kick was up and it was no good, 13-3 at half. The very first possession the Jets had in the 2nd half led to a Sam Darnold INT and killed the hopes of victory. However, the Jets defense went out there and gave Miami hell and got back-to-back fumbles on each of Miami’s next possessions. What did the offense do? Absolutely nothing, they turned over on downs because Frank Gore couldn’t get the first down and Sam threw another game-ending INT. It was an absolute mockery and what’s worse is that the Coach says it wasn’t his fault. Dude was play calling the entire game, he’s such an odd person. #FireGase



Image via Steven Senne/AP

1. Adam Gase: You’re like a regular on this list. As you deserve to be, Mr. Brilliant Offensive Mind. The funniest part is that you are NOT a good liar. You claimed that play calling was a “collaborative effort” this Sunday. That doesn’t make sense because the entire game you were holding the playbook. You clearly suck at coaching so this helps the tank, keep up the terrible work!

2. Sammy is NOT the Savior: I can’t believe I’m saying this but Sammy is NOT our savior. He does not look good behind center. He has 3 TDs and 8 INTs with 1,242 yards this season, no bueno. This was his first game with all his weapons and looked worse than Flacco, he had 197 yard and two INTs. Drafting Trevor keeps looking better by the second!

3. GORE GET OUT!: Why does Grandpa Gore have 10+ rushes every DAMN WEEK?! I understand he wants to break records but damn bro, 18 rushes? I’d like to see what Ty Johnson can put on the board. This is getting repetitive and it’s disgusting! STOP RUNNING WITH GORE!


Image via Brad Penner/AP

1. THE ROOKIES: Denzel Mims and Mekhi Becton lit up the stage, again! Pure hope continues to flow through the rains of the Jets fanbase thanks to these guys, especially Mims after another great performance on Sunday. He had 4 receptions and 67 yards! GOATED! He made another catch that put us in awe. I’m relieved we didn’t draft a bust. Onto PRO-BOWL BOUND ROOKIE LEFT TACKLE Mekhi Becton who just throws people around, an ANIMAL! In his last two games he has played 72 pass-block snaps and has allowed just ONE QB pressure and ZERO sacks! Just give him the rookie of the year award.

2. QUINNEN: I LOVE IT! The sigh of relief for me is a big deal, do you know how scared all Jets fans were when Quinnen had 2.5 sacks last year? We were TERRIFIED! We thought he was going to be bust, until this year! He doubled that sack stat this year and has 5 sacks and 41 total tackles through 10 games. Keep it up big fella, you’re Pro-Bowl bound. We are going to get you there.

3. MAYEDAY AND HARVEY THE HITTER: Harvey Langi who you all may know as #44 has had another nice game. He led the team this week in tackles. He had 8 total tackles which is nice from a low-profile player. Maye had another good game with 4 tackles and 2 pass deflections. Hopefully he gets that Pro-Bowl nod and gets that contract he wants.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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