FBD’s NFL Power Rankings (Post Week 11)! New team in the top 3?! Packers drops out of top 5?! New team in top 5?!

Kansas City Chiefs

1. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1, Prev. 1)
They remain at the number one spot due to the fact they paid their dividend. KC defeated the Raiders this week, which was the team that gave them their only loss. There’s not much to cover on the KC being number one. Week after week they live up to expectations. The Chiefs looked dominant and it’s going to be hard to beat them. Hard to see them not repeat the championship.

Pittsburgh Steelers

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0, Prev. 2)
I want to put you at number one, but you beat the Jaguars? I want to see it versus a team with a winning percentage. I still wouldn’t put the Steelers over Kansas City but it’s definitely close. Pittsburgh is strong on all cylinders of the ball, but the games are too close for comfort. Beat Baltimore and I’ll get back to you. Remember that you need to beat KC to be in the SB, I have belief in this young team. Stay undefeated.

Los Angeles Rams

3. Los Angeles Rams (7-3, Prev. 8)
New TEAM! I am extremely impressed by LA and wouldn’t doubt them on winning the division. The Rams have been my sleeper team this year due to the fact they are more experienced. It’s been two years since their horrendous SB game, so if they indeed make it to another SB they’ll have experience. This team is dangerous on both sides of the ball and their coaching has been exceptional!

New Orleans Saints

4. New Orleans Saints (8-2, Prev. 4)
Welcome back, New Orleans. You handed Atlanta a massive L this weekend and won without Franchise QB, Drew Brees. you better hope Hill keeps balling because, Bress has 11 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. OUCH! The team is dominant and I wouldn’t want to face them but they definitely have their weaknesses. Hill needs to be able to throw the ball efficiently like last week. I have hope in New Orleans, but year after year they don’t run their lesson. RUN THE BALL!

Indianapolis Colts

5. Indianapolis Colts (7-3, Prev. 12)
New team in the top 5! This is well deserved after than OT victory against Green Bay. It was unexpected but very impressive. My worry on Indi is the QB play and can they beat a big team? Rivers is still a little shaky but they can definitely beat a winning team. They are like this years “Titans” meaning that they are a sleeper team. I like what Reich is building over there, keep it up and keep winning. Good times finally coming to Indianapolis.

6. Buffalo Bills (7-3, Prev. 6)

7. Cleveland Browns (7-3, Prev. 9)

8. Tennesse Titans (7-3, Prev. 11)

9. Green Bay Packers (7-3, Prev. 5)

10. Seattle Seahawks (7-3, Prev. 10)

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4, Prev. 7)

12. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4, Prev. 14)

13. Baltimore Ravens (6-4, Prev. 13)

14. Arizona Cardinals (6-4, Prev. 5)

15. Miami Dolphins (6-4, Prev. 15)

16. Chicago Bears (5-5, Prev. 17)

17. Minnesota Vikings (4-6, Prev. 16) 

18. San Francisco 49ers (4-6, Prev. 18)

19. Detroit Lions (4-6, Prev. 19)

20. New England Patriots (4-6, Prev. 20)

21. Denver Broncos (4-6, Prev. 21)

22. Carolina Panthers (4-7, Prev. 25)

23. New York Giants (3-7, Prev. 22)

24. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1, Prev. 23)

25. Los Angeles Chargers (3-7, Prev. 27)

26. Atlanta Falcons (3-7, Prev. 24)

27. Washington Football Team  (3-7, Prev. 28) 

28. Houston Texans (3-7, Prev. 29)

29. Dallas Cowboys (3-7, Prev. 30)

30. Cincinatti Bengals (2-7-1, Prev. 26)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9, Prev. 31)

32. New York Jets (0-10, Prev. Last)

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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