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Welp. The Jets lose to the Chargers, 34-28. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

Another competitive loss, I love it! The Jets lose 31-28 to the Los Angeles Chargers. This was such a great game to watch! Gase saw that we had somewhat success and he said “I’ll take credit for this” then we lost the game. Hey, at least the tank for Trevor is still on! Let’s dig into this game:

Game Recap:

This is what I’d love to watch every week, a competitive loss. We showed up to play, our rookies looked exceptional, and we are 0-10! As much as I’d hate to go 0-16, it’s looking realistic, and we’ll be able to draft future Jets legend, Trevor Lawrence. The way this game started was like, “I swear to god if they win, I’ll be so mad, but happy,” and “This is too good to be true,” and it was because, after the first couple of possessions, it blew up. It started with a blocked punt courtesy of Henry Anderson, a big play. It set up the offense to be in good field position, and Perine went into the end zone for his second career TD. Next drive, Keenan Allen was on the one-yard line going into the end zone until he meets Baby-Prez (Ashtyn Davis) and MAYEDAY (Marcus Maye). They blasted him for a fumble and got the turnover. Then, Joe Flacco throws the easiest pick-6 ever, and it’s a 7-6 ballgame for the Chargers. The Jets were dead for their next four possessions and punted while the Chargers took a 24-6 lead into the half. When the second half started, the Jets came in guns blazing with a 49-yard TD from Flacco to Perriman. The Chargers answered with a TD of their own, 31-13. Frank Gore runs into the end zone with a TD to resurrect this game on the next drive, 31-19. Then the Chargers score a field goal, 34-19. However, the Jets don’t care, and Herndon catches a football for a TD! It’s now a 34-26 game, Chargers. After that, it collapses for the Jets, and they do nothing productive on offense. That’s why they lost 34-28.



1. Adam Gase: I feel like you make the list every single week. It’s not me hating, you deserve to be here after those awful last 2 possessions. Number one, you stay acting selfish and take the playbook away from brilliant offensive mind Dowell Loggains. Number two, why is Frank Gore still get double-digit carries? Number three, why do think your the best while coaching. 0-10 football team? These are answers we need, Coach Gase!

2. PLAY THE FULL QUARTER: The Jets were killing them in the second half then for some reason they gave up on their last two possessions. I’m always going to root for my Jets to win, I may not want them to but always root for them. I don’t like to see losses, this entire year feels like it’s flying due to the fact that we SUCK!

3. DEFENSE!: Where was the defense in the second quarter? Did it get lost on the ride to LA? That’s the only reasonable answer because it felt like we were missing 11 players on the other side. This defense got torched by Herbert, like they couldn’t stop him at all. I don’t if I should blame Gregg Williams (Leader Of Men) or the team just sucks. We did have rookies started in the backfield so it could be that but this defense sucks!


1. THE ROOKIES: Denzel Mims, Bryce Hall, Ashtyn Davis, and Mekhi Becton lit up the stage! Pure hope has been given to the Jets fanbase thanks to these 4 guys, especially Mims after that career performance on Sunday. He had 3 receptions for a career high 71 yards! INSANE! He made impressive catches that put us in awe. I’m happy and feel like we didn’t draft a bust. Bryce Hall in his first game as CB1 did his job! Mans was out there making plays. He was like glue, because you couldn’t keep him off of you. Whenever he was covering Mike Williams or Keenan Allen, he stood his ground. I applaud that, onto Ashtyn Davis who had that forced fumble alongside Marcus Maye. Davis delivered the blow that set up the fumble, impressive. He also led the team in tackles in this game, 12 tackles. Onto Mekhi Becton who just throws people around, an ANIMAL! My only complaint is health, he’s 6’7, 364lbs so it must be hard to stay on his feet. It is something that should be worrisome.

2. Flacco to Perriman: Is this Baltimore or NY? Cuz I can’t tell the difference when these two are rolling! Ever since, Perriman got healthy he’s been on a roll, and it was unexpected. I am very impressed and hope he can resurrect his career in the next couple games. Wish he was more healthy, though/

3. The DL: When you think about it the defensive line wasn’t all that bad. Jenkins, Quinnen, Anderson, and Shephard all had 0.5 sacks. Jenkins had 2.5 tackles for loss, a pass deflection and a QB hit. Quinnen had 0.5 tackles for loss and 2 QB hits. Anderson had a pretty good game with 2 tackles for loss and a QB hit, it’s better than usual. I’m not saying they were great but did better than usual.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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