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New York football fans guide to 2020 Pro Bowl voting | Where to vote, who to vote for & and when voting ends

  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, It is that time of the year again, NO not the season of giving or the holiday season NO… something MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCHHHH more important Pro Bowl voting season. Yes ladies and Gentlemen the popularity contest held for grown a** millionaires is back and I’m here to break it down for you on how to vote, who to vote for and when the voting deadline is. So join me as I embark on my task to feed you as much information on this short article about Pro Bowl voting in 2020. 

Where to vote. 

  • To vote in 2020 NFL Pro Bowl you have to go to official NFL website, create an account or if you previously have one sign into then click where it says “Pro Bowl Vote” where then it will lead you to where you can start deciding who you want to vote for. Keep in mind you can only vote for 16 people at a time however, you can vote as many times you want though. 

Who to vote for? 

  • James Bradberry CB (NYG) 
  • Jabrill Peppers SS (NYG) 
  • Dalvin Tomlinson DT (NYG) 
  • Logan Ryan FS (NYG) 
  • Blake Martinez ILB (NYG) 
  • Leonard Williams DT (NYG) 
  • Dexter Lawrence DT (NYG) 
  • Rylie Dixon P (NYG) 
  • Graham Gano K (NYG) 
  • Casey Kreiter LS NYG) 
  • Braden Mann P (NYJ) 
  • Quinnen Williams DT (NYJ) 

When voting ends. 

  • Now keep in mind while your voting that the voting has to end at some point or else the NFL would not be allowed to announce the winners of this millionaire popularity contest. So with that being said 2020 Pro Bowl voting ends on Thursday December 17th so make sure you tell your mom your grandma their grandma’s grandma to vote as many times as humanly possible for your favorite New York Giants and New York Jets super stars. 

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