Fantasy Football: Play Em’ Or Bench Em’ Week 11 Edition!

Welcome back to Play Em’ Or Bench Em’, Week 11 Edition! In this series, I’ll show my top five favorite players and my least favorite five players I’d play this weekend on fantasy football. Many may ask what my qualifications are? So, here it is: I am a 2x time ESPN Fantasy Football Champion. Back2Back Champion if we are being specific. I won in the only two years I played, so let’s get this started.

Play Em’ QB:

  1. Justin Herbert (LAC vs. NYJ): This should be a no-brainer. Not only is Herbert the best QB in the draft class thus far but he’s going against my sorry Jets. It’s a match made in heaven for Herbert, he should go crazy. He has a great offense versus an injured defense.
  2. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT vs. JAX)
  3. Carson Wentz (PHI vs. CLE)
  4. Teddy Bridgewater (CAR vs. DET)
  5. Taysom Hill/Jameis Winston (NO vs. ATL)

Play Em’ RB:

  1. Mike Davis (CAR vs. DET)- With CMC heading to the injured list, Davis is the RB1 once again. Not only is he a great backup but he’s playing the Lions. Davis has been proving that he’s a star in the making and he’s going to pop off versus Fe
  2. Kallen Ballage (LAC vs. NYJ)
  3. James Connor (PIT vs. JAX)
  4. J.D. McKissic (WFT vs. CIN)
  5. Jonathan Taylor (IND vs. GB)

Play Em’ WR:

  1. Terry McLaurin (WFT vs. CIN): I know it’s not Halloween, but be aware of SCARY TERRY! He has a favorable matchup versus an awful defense the Bengals have. He’s a up and coming star WR, and he’s just getting started. Watch out, he’s about to go crazy.
  2. Keenan Allen (LAC vs. NYJ)
  3. Juju Smith-Schuster (PIT vs. JAX)
  4. Adam Thielen (MIN vs. DAL)
  5. Michael Thomas (NO vs. ATL)

Play Em’ TE:

  1. T.J. Hockenson (DET vs. CAR): T.J. has made it number one back2back weeks. This time against Carolina, they don’t have an awful defense but this is a matchup I’d be willing to be all in for.
  2. Eric Ebron (PIT vs. JAX)
  3. Jared Cook (NO vs. ATL)
  4. Logan Thomas (WFT vs. CIN)
  5. Dallas Goedert (PHI vs. CLE)

Play Em’ D/ST:

  1. PIT D/ST (PIT vs. JAX)
  2. LAC D/ST (LAC vs. NYJ)
  3. MIN D/ST (MIN vs. DAL)
  4. MIA D/ST (MIA vs. DEN)
  5. WFT D/ST (WFT vs. CIN)

Bench Em’ QB

  1. Jake Luton (JAX vs. PIT): As much as I respect and like Luton, it’s not happening this week champ. He’s going up against the Steel Curtain and he’s too young. His team is trying to tank and he’s simply to young to take down this overpowered defense. I’d sit him.
  2. Jared Goff (LAR vs. TB)
  3. Andy Dalton (DAL vs. MIN)
  4. Derek Carr (LV vs. KC)
  5. Aaron Rodgers (GB vs. IND)

Bench Em’ RB

  1. Giovanni Bernard (CIN vs. WFT): Bernard is a no-brainer sit. Due to the fact they face a great Washington defense and he’s regressed with age. It will be interesting how many carries he gets.
  2. Jamaal Williams (GB vs. IND)
  3. Alvin Kamara (NO vs. ATL)
  4. Malcolm Brown (LAR vs. TB)
  5. Leonard Fournette (TB vs. LAR)

Bench Em’ WR

  1. Tyler Boyd (CIN vs. WFT): Tyler is heading up against Kendall Fuller who has been at least a top-3 CB in the NFL thus far. I wouldn’t play anybody he faces due to the greatness he holds. Boyd is cool and all but not good enough to beat Fuller.
  2. Mike Evans (TB vs. LAR)
  3. AJ Brown (TEN vs. BAL)
  4. Chris Godwin (TB vs. LAR)

Bench Em’ TE

  1. Robert Tonyan (GB vs. IND): The Colts’ defense has been absolutely great so far this season. I feel like Tonyan will develop throughout this year to become a TE1, but not this week. Sit him down and pick another because he’s not it chief.
  2. Trey Burton (IND vs. GB)
  3. Tyler Eifert (JAX vs. PIT)
  4. Darren Fells (HOU vs. NE)
  5. Tyler Higbee (LAR vs. TB)

Bench Em’ D/ST

  1. JAX D/ST (JAX vs. GB)
  2. TB D/ST (TB vs. LAR)
  3. LAR D/ST (LAR vs. TB)
  4. ATL D/ST (ATL vs. NO)
  5. CIN D/ST (CIN vs. WFT)

Thanks for reading everybody. I hope this works for all of you! This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBorough Dispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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