New York Giants

New York Giants VS Philadelphia Eagles|| Game Recap|| Sunday November 15 2020

On Sunday November 15th, the New York Football Giants were finally able to beat their biggest rivals after nearly 4 years the Philadelphia Eagles. This game started with an amazing opening drive by capped off by a 34-yard rushing touchdown from our single caller Daniel Jones. Later that half ole reliable Wayne Gallman was able to jump into the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown which put us up 14-3 heading into the half. But the eagles fought back with an opening drive 56 yard rushing touchdown from Giants killer Boston Scott, however, despite the quick opening half touchdown from the Eagles the Giants where able to respond almost simultaneously with a 2 yard Gallman plunge into the end zone set up by 2 amazing throws by Daniel Jones to both Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate. Despite the late touchdown by Eagles running back Corey Clement the giants where still able to hold off the Eagles for the BIG BLUE VICTORY!!


Game Takes 

  • James Bradberry is without a doubt a top 3 Cornerback in the NFL  
  • Daniel Jones had begun to turn the corner in his development 
  • The Giants need to extend Jabrill Peppers as soon as possible  
  • Joe Judge is the truth and he is the coach that will take us to the promised land some day 
  • The Giants desperately need a MLB2 next to Blake Martinez 
  • Darius Slayton has potential to be our WR1 

Player of the game: James “Alcatraz” Bradberry 

2 PBU 

4 Solo tackles 

Final Score: 27 – 17 Giants 

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