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New York Giants VS Philadelphia Eagles|| Where to watch, listen & stream|| Sunday November 15th 2020

The New York Football Giants are hoping to snap their 8-game losing streak against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday November 15th. The New York Giants have been through 2 head coaches since the last time they beat their most hated rivals, and for such a storied franchise like the New York Giants you would not expect that. However, there has been new light within the Giants franchise that has finally given Giants fans hope that the New York Giants may be able to beat the Philadelphia Eagles soon.  

New York Giants 4 Keys to Victory.

  • Good offensive line play 
  • Win the time of possession battle 
  • Daniel Jones limits his turnovers 
  • Generate pressure on Carson Wentz  

Philadelphia Eagles 4 Keys to Victory. 

  • Pressure Daniel Jones early and often 
  • Get Dallas Goedert involved in the passing game 
  • Win the field position battle 
  • Find creative ways to get Miles Sanders involved  

The Giants where one Evan Engram drop away from winning the last game against the Philadelphia Eagles so I say the New York Giants find a way to get this one done and close it out 35– 17 Giants. 

Where to watch, listen and stream? 


Fox @ 1:00 PM 

MSG Network @ 11:30 Pm 


WFAN 660 AM / 101.9 FM 


Giants App 

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