Fantasy Football: Play Em’ Or Bench Em’ Week 10 Edition!

Welcome back to Play Em’ Or Bench Em’, Week 10 Edition! In this series, I’ll show my top five favorite players and my least favorite five players I’d play this weekend on fantasy football. Many may ask what my qualifications are? So, here it is: I am a 2x time ESPN Fantasy Football Champion. Back2Back Champion if we are being specific. I won in the only two years I played, so let’s get this started.

Play Em’ QB:

  1. Aaron Rodgers (GB vs. JAX): Not only is this ARod but he’s playing a sorry Jaguars defense. This should be no-brainer start, like if you don’t play him you are not qualified for fantasy football. Play him!
  2. Carson Wentz (PHI vs. NYG)
  3. Deshaun Watson (HOU vs. CLE)
  4. Jared Goff (LAR vs. SEA)
  5. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT vs. CIN)

Play Em’ RB:

  1. Miles Sanders (PHI vs. NYG): I have a feeling Miles will finally get over the hump of injures and prove himself this week to his fantasy owners versus this sorry Giants team. Not only will Carson do well, but Miles will go crazy!
  2. Aaron Jones (GB vs. JAX)
  3. James Robinson (JAX vs. GB)
  4. Kareem Hunt (CLE vs. HOU)
  5. Antonio Gibson (WFT vs. DET)

Play Em’ WR:

  1. Allen Robinson II (CHI vs. MIN): As much as I don’t like the way the Bears are ran, ARob has to be an insta-start this week. He’s going to have some awful corners covering him, and he’s a great talent at the WR spot. He should be on the top of everyone’s board.
  2. Keenan Allen (LAC vs. MIA)
  3. Davante Adams (GB vs. JAX)
  4. Juju Smith-Schuster (PIT vs. CIN)
  5. Cooper Kupp (LAR vs. SEA)

Play Em’ TE:

  1. T.J. Hockenson (DET vs. WFT): With Landon Collins on the IR, the Football Team really doesn’t have a main safety. Especially one to cover big tight ends, and Hockenson has proved himself to be pretty good. I’d start him this weekend.
  2. Eric Ebron (PIT vs. CIN)
  3. Austin Hooper (CLE vs. HOU)
  4. Evan Engram (NYG vs. PHI)
  5. Robert Tonyan (GB vs. JAX)
  6. Mike Gesicki (MIA vs. LAC)

Play Em’ D/ST:

  1. PHI D/ST (PIT vs. NYG)
  2. GB D/ST (GB vs. JAX)
  3. BAL D/ST (BAL vs. NE)
  4. PIT D/ST (PIT vs. CIN)
  5. DET D/ST (DET vs. WFT)

Bench Em’ QB

  1. Alex Smith (WFT vs. DET): I love the “road to recovery” story from Alex Smith but this is the end of the road. He shouldn’t be starting with the high chance of re-injuring his leg. It’s still November and due to historical events, November is not a good month for WFT QBs. I don’t think he was as good as he was 3 years ago.
  2. Kirk Cousins (MIN vs. CHI)
  3. Daniel Jones (NYG vs. PHI)
  4. Nick Mullens (SF vs. NO)
  5. Cam Newton (NE vs. BAL)

Bench Em’ RB

  1. Duke Johnson (HOU vs. CLE): With David Johnson out, the RB1 will likely be Duke. Last time he was good was in Cleveland, ever since he has been a pure disappointment. They need a better backup and he’s facing a pretty good defense (his former team).
  2. Carlos Hyde (SEA vs. LAR)
  3. Alvin Kamara (NO vs. SF)
  4. Malcolm Brown (LAR vs. SEA)
  5. DeVonta Freeman (NYG vs. PHI)

Bench Em’ WR

  1. Marvin Jones Jr. (DET vs. WFT): I like MJJ but he’s facing one of the best CBs in the NFL, Kendall Fuller. He’s good but not great enough to beat Fuller consistently. We’ll see if they match him up on the other side.
  2. Christian Kirk (ARI vs. BUF)
  3. Darius Slayton (NYG vs. PHI)
  4. N’Keal Harry (NE vs. BAL)
  5. D.K. Metcalf (SEA vs. LAR)

Bench Em’ TE

  1. Jared Cook (NO vs. SF): Now is not the time to play Cook. It’s not because he doesn’t have a favorable matchup, but it’s because Bress will abuse the fact the Niners don’t have any CBs. That means Thomas will be open most of the time. Cook will also have Warner on him but that won’t be most of the time. Bench him.
  2. Tyler Eifert (JAX vs. GB)
  3. Dallas Goedert (PHI vs. NYG)
  4. Mark Andrews (BAL vs. NE)
  5. Tyler Higbee (LAR vs. SEA)

Bench Em’ D/ST

  1. BUF D/ST (BUF vs. ARI)
  2. ARI D/ST (ARI vs. BUF)
  3. LAR D/ST (CHI vs. SEA)
  4. MIA D/ST (MIA vs. LAC)
  5. LAC D/ST (LAC vs. MIA)

Thanks for reading everybody. I hope this works for all of you! This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBorough Dispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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