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Wow. The Jets lose to the Patriots, 30-27. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

How can I be mad at this team? The Jets lose 30-27 to the Brady-less, New England Patriots. This was such a great game to watch, IN THE FIRST 3 QUARTERS! We don’t aim to finish the game. Hey, at least the tank for Trevor is still on! Let’s dig into this game:

Game Recap:

This wasn’t a bad game. It was scripted quite perfectly for us, like incredibly. We saw some great catches from Mims, Davis looks like a Baby-Jamal Adams, Perriman had a breakout game, we felt what winning was like for 45 minutes, and we still have the 1st overall pick! The Jets went downfield and got a field goal. They looked good up until Cam Newton put his big boy pants and made it a 7-3 Patriots lead. 2 drives later, Flacco threw a DIME to Perriman to take a 10-7 lead, and the defense forced a turnover on downs. The Jets took advantage and scored a FG; but the Patriots responded with one as well, 13-10 Jets. Right before the half, Flacco and Crowder connected for a TD to take the 20-10 Jets lead. The Patriots opened up the new half with a TD to get closer, 20-17 Jets. Then, Gang Green looked determined to win this game on their first drive. Flacco and Perriman connected on a touchdown play like old times in Baltimore. Jets take a 27-17 lead, and we all felt like, wow, they are really about to beat the Patriots on PrimeTime. HA! Cam looked iffy but went downfield and got his team a field goal to make it a one-possession game. Now with six minutes remaining, Adam Gase thought, let’s chuck it up in the air and see if rookie WR Denzel Mims in his third game can come down with it. Spoiler ALERT, he doesn’t, and it’s intercepted. The Patriots have a chance to tie it now. So, they do precisely that and tie it at 27. Again, with two minutes remaining with the game tied, the Jets have an opportunity to take the lead. The Patriots force a 3rd and out, get the ball back, and former NY Jets Nick Folk hits the game-winning field goal. The good ole’ Jets!



1. Adam Gase: I know he’s a bad coach but with a lead late in the fourth quarter, why would you allow a deep ball play to be called? It’s just dumb, it’s worse than being incompetent. If he’s not gone before the Chargers game, it shows Christopher Johnson can’t make a decision. However, with the President most likely losing the election we will have Woody Johnson return back home!

2. PLAY THE FOURTH QUARTER (new): The Jets were killing them in the first three quarters, but not in the fourth. They are 3/4 of the way towards a victory, just needs to play the last 15 minutes.

3. First Reads?: Again with the first reads. Come on Gase! I see that the first read issue is not with Sam Darnold, it is something that Gase is reliant on. It is disappointing that the coach won’t allow the QB to make a decision and look at a second or third read. It’s truly disappointing they are forcing the QB to do this, Gase and Loggains need to loosen UP!!!!!


1. Mims the YAC MONSTER! And PERRIMAN: WOOO! Rookie WR Mims is PROMISING! Lord thank you for the wonderful gift of a WR1. I have hope in Mims and he looks like a beast. He had 4 receptions, 62 yards, 8 targets, and his longest pass was 26 yards. Imagine when he gets new coach, woo! The routes will be great! On the other hand, Perriman did a great job on connecting with Flacco on the deep ball. He had 5 receptions, 101 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 7 targets. I was extremely impressed and waiting for his breakout game. If he just stays healthy, he’d be a top receiver in the league.

2. Harvey Langi: When I say “this was unexpected” it was UNEXPECTED! This guy was an absolute beast last night, he almost killed the tank. You can tell he is not pro-tank unlike Pierre Desir, Marcus Maye and Bless Austin. Desir is generally bad but Maye and Austin purposely were definitely pro-tank. Anyways I digress, Langi had 10 combined tackles, 9 solo tackles and 1 QB Hit. This guy is a playmaker and made me forget who Avery Williamson is. Great replacement!

3. Basham and Castillo: The kicker should honestly become the starter when Ficken is healthy, that dude is kicking perfectly. Knowing the Jet luck though, when he becomes the starter he’ll become Kaare Vedvik 2.0, hehe. I didn’t mean to torture you all with that man’s name. Now, Basham on the other hand was balling yesterday. He got injured but he had 4 combined tackles, 3 solo tackles, and 2.5 tackles for losses. Not bad, will be better eventually.

3. Baby-Prez: Third round rookie, Ashtyn Davis showed UP! Kid has all over the field and has a Prez-ish presence. He had 5 combined tackle, 4 solo tackles, one pass deflection and had a sack but it didn’t count due to “roughing the passer.” He absolutely destroyed Cam on that play, I’m very impressed and excited. He also had a touchdown-saving tackle and stopped Jakobi Meyers for making a big play for the Patriots late in the fourth quarter. Here are the clips:

@NFLAustralia via Twitter
@Michael_Nania via Twitter
@Sports_OB on Twitter

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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