New York Jets

Ugh. The Jets lose to the Chiefs, 35-9. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

It just gets worse. The Jets lose 35-9 to the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs. This was such a frustrating game to watch, it was complete incompetence, and they need to be better. I understand that we faced a great team, and we are an awful team, but there were so many chances that we could’ve capitalized on. Let’s dig into these mishaps:

Game Recap:

This game wasn’t a blowout from the beginning. It started with a Mahomes-Hardman passing TD, but the Jets went down-field and made a FG make it a 7-3 game. Then, Mahomes struck back with yet another TD to Hill to make it 14-3. We thought here begins the blowout when this happened, but the Jets scored a FG in response. The Jets defense forced a KC punt and scored a FG to make it a 14-9 game. Now here begins the blowout; KC marches downfield to score a TD. The Jets had the ball with 0:58 left and went for a field goal. It was blocked, and the Chiefs had a 21-9 going into HT. It was quiet at the beginning of the second half, and the Jets didn’t capitalize on the fact that the Chiefs weren’t scoring. Then, KC scored a TD to make it a 28-9 football game. The Jets’ confidence was shot when Herndon fumbled, and that’s when the game ended. The Chiefs scored another TD to make it 35-9 and realized this was over and put in Chad Henne to finish the game. This was terrible, really terrible. However, Le’Veon Bell had quite the game. He had 6 carries for 7 yard, yikes.



1. PRESS COVERAGE: Can we please pass it to Mims when he has the press coverage on him? He was known in Baylor for beating his CB whenever he was in press coverage. So, why can’t we give him a look? This is getting very disappointing and sad.

2. PLAY THE SECOND HALF (again): After the first 30 minutes, this game was over. The Jets lost it after the first half. They didn’t make any adjustments and gave up. They found a way to not make any field goals in the second half. This is getting sad.

3. Play-calling: I have a feeling that Adam Gase took over play-calling again, even though he said he didn’t. For some reason the plays were really bad today and it lost us the game. Loggains was calling a screen on 3rd and long like Gase usually does.

4. First Reads, still?: Sam Darnold was very reliant on his first read today. Chances are that he was told to follow his first-read but come on kid. This is year 3 not year 1. Let’s make some pro decisions and ignore the awful coaching staff you have. COME ON!


1. Rookies: Mims AGAIN! WOOO! Rookie WR Mims had 2 receptions with 42 yards in his second game as the WR1. He looked good and hopefully he gets more targets next week. He didn’t do too bad with Crowder and Perriman being injured and out. Perine had a ok game. He wasn’t given too many carries and Gore got most the workload. Perine had 8 carries and 27 yards.

2. Quinnen: Q had a great game! He didn’t have too many tackles but he put on the pressure. He had 2 tackles for losses and 1 QB Hit. He was getting to the QB and making Mahomes rush his passes, the DBs just couldn’t stop the air game. However, Kudos to Q and can’t wait to see him get even better.

3. Castillo: Who knew that the kicker would be the hero? Sergio Castillo has been making everything, couldn’t ask more from a kicker. He made 55, 48 and 39 yard field goals. Great game for him even though he had that blocked kick.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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