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Close The Game! The Jets lose to the Bills, 18-10. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

As we all know, the Jets are playing bad football. It’s just dreadful. However, today was better. The reason why is Adam Gase wasn’t play calling. He allowed the offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains, to call the plays, and they were pretty good plays. They made sense and helped the team. He didn’t call WR screens, or HB Draws up the gut on a 3rd and 20. I was surprised and happy for the first 29 minutes of the football game. I say 29 because, after that Sam Darnold INT, this game shifted into Buffalo’s favor. Let’s dig into this:

Game Recap:

As I stated, this game was competitive for the first half. It started with an NYJ field goal with the new kicker Sergio Castillo. Then, the Bills had their own FG opportunity and missed! On the next drive, the Jets went for it on fourth and had a turnover on downs, but I didn’t hate it. It showed that they wanted to play. This coordinator wasn’t trying to lose and knew what he was trying to do. On Buffalo’s next drive, Terrell Basham forced a fumble, and Franklin-Myers recovered it. With that turnover, the Jets took it for a TD! It was a La’Michal Perine TD, first career TD. Then, the Bills scored a FG with their next possession, so it’s a 10-3 Jets lead. Our Jets showed a passion and looked like they wanted to score in their last drive of the first half. The exact opposite had occurred; the Bills intercepted Sam Darnold and took it for a FG to make it a 10-6 game going into HT. At the half, it looked like Buffalo made adjustments and the Jets did not; the second half shows they didn’t. On their first, second-half drive, the Bills made a FG make only a one-point game, 10-9. Of course, the Jets didn’t score and allowed Buffalo to get downfield and score a FG. The Jets remained quiet the entire quarter and allowed Buffalo to take a 12-10. Buffalo continued to score and took the game over with an 18-10 lead. On the last Jets drive, they had a chance to score. It ended with a Sam Darnold interception in classic fashion. Horrible!



1. Make Adjustments: As we clearly saw, the Bills had us figured out in the second half. Do you know why? It’s because THEY MADE ADJUSTMENTS! On the other hand, Gase just said play ball and didn’t make any offensive adjustments. Defense wasn’t too bad, they held a premiere offense to 18 points. It’s disapointing this guy is still the head coach. Even when he’s not play calling it becomes his fault because he is the head coach and this is his playbook.

2. PLAY THE SECOND HALF: After the first 30 minutes, this game was over. The Jets lost it after the first half. They didn’t make any adjustments and gave up. They didn’t even score a field goal in the second half. Disgusting.

3. Too many damn INTS: Yes, it’s his first game back but Sam this was an awful representation of football. Maybe I can forgive one INT but two INT and the second one was the game-losing INT. Come on man, what’s going on. Your making the Trevor Lawrence talk louder.


1. Rookies: Mims and Perine! WOOO! Rookie WR Mims had 4 receptions with 42 yards for his first ever game. He looked good and hopefully could be better next week. With Crowder and most likely Perriman being injured and out next week he’ll be the WR1 next to Braxton Berrios. Perine had a good game in his first real opportunity on the Jets. Since, Bell has been released he’ll be able to take that next step. Perine had 11 carries, 39 yard and a touchdown.

2. Play-calling: Finally, Adam Gase has relinquished his ability to play call to offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains for this week. It is still to be determined if he gives it up next week but it was way better with Loggains leading the way. I feel like it wasn’t his decision to give it up, but he says it was his decision but Loggains did an incredible job in comparison to Loggains.

3. Solid first half: In the first half, the entire team was rolling. Offensive and defensively wise. They were playing good football. They actually had a lead heading into half time and put up 10 points. I don’t remember the last time they played this well in the first half, until the second half came around. They made no changes to the game plan and that’s Gase’s fault. He’s the coach and he decides the outcome of the gameplan. It’s truly disappointing he hasn’t been fired.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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