Moves Every NBA Team Should Make this Offseason

Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks are in a weird situation, they have two young studs in Trae Young and John Collins. But I don’t see a big star ever wanting to come to Atlanta under any circumstance so for this offseason try to add young and gritty players and continue to draft well to add around Trae Young.

Boston Celtics: Daniel Theis is a decent Center to have on your team but he’s really not helping the Celtics win at all so for the first trade I think they should go after Andre Drummond who’ll give them a lot of rebounds and second chance opportunities for Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum.

Brooklyn Nets: The Nets will have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving coming back in 2021 and I think if they are truly in win now mode they should go out and get Bradley Beal and have Caris LeVert as the main piece for the Wizards. Now Nets fans are probably like, “Caris is part of our future, he’s gonna be a star”. Well if you guys truly want to WIN NOW go out and get a bonafide scorer to go along with 2 other bonafide scorers.

Charlotte Hornets: At this point I don’t even know what to do with the Hornets. But the one thing I would do is offload these terrible contracts. Nicolas Batum is getting $27 M which is absurd, Terry Rozier is making $9 M/ Per Year, CODY ZELLER IS MAKING $15 MILLION DOLLARS!! Offload these contracts if you can and try to build around your 1st Round Pick and Devonte’ Graham. 

Chicago Bulls: Get Otto Porter out of Chicago he has no business being around $25 M. They have 2 studs in Zach LaVine and Coby White but they need to draft good with their 4th overall pick, by that I mean pick LaMelo Ball if he’s available. They’ll have LaMelo at point, Coby White at SG because I think his play style is more fit for SG, LaVine at SF, Thaddeus Young at PF, and Wendell Carter Jr at C.   

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavs have one of the best young cores in the NBA with Kevin Porter Jr, Collin Sexton, and Darius Garland. So let Tristan Thompson walk in Free Agency, try to trade both Andre Drummond and Kevin Love to contenders for picks. They have the 5th overall pick in the upcoming draft and they should draft 1 of the 2 big men like James Wiseman, or a Onyeka Okongwu

Dallas Mavericks: The Mavs are in a weird spot right now, they only have one bad contract, an ok draft pick, and a good core. The Mavs don’t have a lot of salary cap to mess with this offseason, and if the rumors are true that they want to fully go for Giannis Antetokounmpo in the 2021 Free Agency then they should start clearing cap. 

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets are set up for big success over the next couple of years, Jamal Murray showed that he’s a big time baller that hasn’t even reached his full potential, Nikola Jokic the best Center in the NBA, and finally they’ll have a full season of Bol Bol who’s gonna be a beast and another full year of Michael Porter Jr. But for this offseason if I was the Nuggets I would try my hardest to resign Jerami Grant if he opts out of his contract, and try to resign Paul Millsap if he’s willing to take a paycut. Bold Take: The Nuggets will be NBA Champions in the next 5 years.

Detroit Pistons: This is sad but it’s time that Detroit starts to rebuild and start from scratch, you guys are never winning anything with Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin as your 1&2 punch. Trade them two for a ton of picks and hope those picks turn out to be something. 

Golden State Warriors: The Warriors just went through the shortest rebuild possibly ever. They are gonna get their Center they’ve always wanted in James Wiseman who’s gonna be cleaning the boards for a healthy Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson the greatest shooters of all time. So the plan this offseason is to draft Wiseman, and pick up good bench pieces because I firmly believe the Warriors will be 1st or 2nd in the West yet again.

Houston Rockets: This might be the boldest one yet. Trade Russell Westbrook because he’s not helping this team at all. Westbrook is only good at getting in the way of one of the best scorers of all time in James Harden. Get Harden a coach who knows the whole offense should be James Harden and let him ball out. See Chris Paul was always a good fit with Harden because he never got in his way and let Harden do his thing. Once you trade Westbrook, get a Center like the trade below, since Rondo opted out of the contract maybe get him because you know he performs in the playoffs. 

Indiana Pacers: The Pacers were eliminated in the 1st round this year but I think they would have given a better fight if their best player Domantas Sabonis was playing. But another bold trade I would consider would be trading Victor Oladipo’s expiring contract away and try to get decent pieces around Sabonis, Warren, and Brogdon. Oladipo in the games he played this year didn’t look like the Oladipo of old and I think that should be a sign that they should trade him early before other teams realize that as well. 

Los Angeles Clippers: This season was a complete failure for the Clippers and showed that their plan to Win now might fail. Paul George continues to add to his bad playoff performances, Kawhi choked in Game 7 and a lot more did as well. With Marcus Morris, and Montrezl Harrell most likely leaving to get bigger contracts the Clippers have to make a move because clearly trading for Paul George might not turn out the way they intended. I honestly think they should trade Lou Williams for picks or a young guard who they can control for multiple years. Trade for young players because they won’t have a 1st round draft pick until your local 6th graders are ready.

Los Angeles Lakers: Well we know already Anthony Davis plans on resigning with the Champs so they don’t have to worry about that. Now every team is gonna get better this offseason so the Lakers have to do the same. Trade Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma for Buddy Hield, yes I know Kuzma still has a lot of potential but if the Lakers wanna go back to back they need a guy they know will give them buckets on any given night. Since Rajon Rondo is opting out of his contract I think they should try and resign him because you saw how big of a piece he was on this playoff run and there’s truly such a thing as Playoff Rondo. 

Memphis Grizzlies: Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr are the only 2 pieces the Grizzlies have right now. The thing is they were the 8th seed so they really have to do good with their pick and no BIG names are gonna sign with Memphis so the goal this offseason should be getting shooters to help space the floor for Ja and Jaren to do work. Dillian Brooks is a good player the Grizzlies rely on when Ja drives and gets doubled. Guys like E’Twaun Moore, Troy Daniels, and maybe a Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could really help the spacing.

Miami Heat: I personally think if the Heat are going 100% on Giannis next offseason then they resign Goran Dragic, and Jae Crowder for next season then their contracts will come off when Giannis is available. They have to hope Duncan Robinson, Bam Adebayo, and Tyler Herro all develop really well next season because if they want Giannis they have to keep the team the same as last year.  

Milwaukee Bucks: This is gonna be my biggest one yet!! Trade Kris Middleton because I’m not high on him being a 2nd option, with Eric Bledsoe, and Donte DiVincenzo for Bradley Beal. Beal can score with or without the ball which makes him so deadly, he’ll give Giannis a real 2nd option. Bradley has already shown he’s a good 2nd option when John Wall was at the helm. Then another big move is signing Fred VanVleet, Fred will be able to give you consistent buckets and he deserves to be a starter in the league. And if Giannis still does leave after these moves, the Bucks would still have 2 really good pieces to rebuild around. 

Minnesota Timberwolves: The Timberwolves are set up good for the future, they have D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns plus the 1st overall pick. And speaking about the 1st overall pick they should go with Anthony Edwards from Georgia University. Edwards will bring a slashing mindset to the court that could help Russell and KAT. And try and get old veterans that won’t negatively affect your cap space.

New Orleans Pelicans: Coming off a terrible performance in the bubble, the Pelicans weaknesses were very exposed. In a league where you have to shoot the 3 point shot to be able to win is something the Pelicans did not do in the bubble. So for this offseason I’m gonna be adding Davis Bertans to the roster to help space the floor. With a lineup of Holiday, Redick, Ingram, Zion, and Bertans they could go 5 out and just pound the ball to Zion and let him do his thing and if he needs help he can pass it out from one of these great shooters.

New York Knicks: The Knicks finally get a superstar back in the Big Apple, if I were the Knicks I would pull the trigger on a Chris Paul trade. Here’s why, Chris Paul just led a team with a 0.4% chance at making the playoffs to the playoffs. Plus he helped and mentored Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to be the future star that he is, which could mean RJ Barrett is next if Chris Paul were to get traded. Trade below: 

Oklahoma City Thunder: Now from what I’m hearing from the trade block, the Thunder are trying to flip Chris Paul for more picks or young players. There are a lot of good suitors for Chris Paul but I would look for a team that would give me the best young player, for example a Kyle Kuzma, a Buddy Hield, a young player with a very high ceiling is what I’d be aiming for. 

Orlando Magic: The Magic just keep screwing themselves. They keep getting the 8th seed which is probably the worst situation you can be in because you’ll have a late to mid round pick, the team isn’t good enough to win anything, and finally nobody wants to go to Orlando. The Magic currently have 1 really good player and 3 “ok” players. They have 6 contracts over $10 M which isn’t good if you’re a 8th seed in the East because they are over the cap limit somehow. The only thing I could think of doing to try to fix this team is to trade guys like Evan Fournier who’s on an expiring contract, Markelle Fultz, and Aaron Gordan who I personally think isn’t that great of a player. 

Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers are very much still in the “process”. I made some moves for the Sixers for this offseason that could really improve their team. Firstly trading Tobias Harris outrageous contract to a team with a lot of cap and a use for him because there is no parallel universe where Tobias Harris should be making more money then Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Then trade another outrageous contract in Al Horford to Detroit for Derrick Rose who can give you 15-20 points off the bench. The final pieces would be Serge Ibaka and Danilo Gallinari on short term deals, they can both spread the floor for Simmons and Embiid which was a big problem before. 

Phoenix Suns: The 2020 1st Round pick has to go well for the Suns, they have been historically not the best at drafting besides Booker and Ayton. But with the 10th pick I think they should take a risk and take Kira Lewis Jr from Alabama. Kira would bring the backcourt duo that Booker has needed, I compared Kira Lewis Jr to Collin Sexton both guys went to Alabama in the same system and have the same exact playing style. 

Portland Trail Blazers: 1st things 1st they need to resign Carmelo Anthony because we saw how much he helped that team and took pressure off Damien Lillard and CJ McCollum. Other than that I think the Blazers could be a top 6 team in the West next year if they play like they did in the bubble.

Sacramento Kings: Well Buddy Hield doesn’t want to be in Sacramento and I can’t balme. So I would trade Buddy Hield to a contender for young players by that I mean try and get a trade with the Lakers. Trading for a guy like Kyle Kuzma could really help De’Aaron Fox and this franchise long term. Both of them are on expiring contracts in the upcoming years so I would also try locking them up.

San Antonio Spurs: For the first time in over 2 decades I think it’s time for the Spurs to rebuild and tank. Their two best players are over the age of 30 and are definitely regressing. See if you can trade LaMarcus Aldridge for picks and try to get all the bad contracts out for 2nd rounders. I feel confident in a Spurs rebuild because of the fact Gregg Popovich has been here forever and he knows who he wants on this team to be able to win at all costs.

Toronto Raptors: The Raptors were so close to reaching the NBA Finals again without Kawhi Leonard which really opened people’s eyes to how talented this team really is. Number 1 priority this offseason should be resigning Fred VanVleet and Serge Ibaka. And a move I could see happening and that wouldn’t hurt the Raptors is bringing back DeMar DeRozan on a short term deal. DeMar already has that built chemistry with mostly every player on that team and it would be a good “feel good” story. 

Utah Jazz: Utah has some big moves coming up for them, they have 1 year left on Rudy Gobert’s contract and 2 years on Donovan Mitchell’s. This offseason I would start having extension conversations with both of these men because you know these guys can produce in the Playoffs. Then if they do come to an agreement they should look for other good pieces like they have with Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic.

Washington Wizards: This season for the Wizards could either go really good or really bad. They are in a situation where if John Wall doesn’t play like John Wall they are screwed. So I wouldn’t try to make any moves just yet, maybe scout to see what you can get for Bradley Beal while his value is at its highest. 

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