Fantasy Football: Play Em’ Or Bench Em’ Week 6 Edition!

Welcome back to Play Em’ Or Bench Em’, Week 6 Edition! In this series, I’ll show my top five favorite players and my least favorite five players I’d play this weekend on fantasy football. Many may ask what my qualifications are? So, here it is: I am a 2x time ESPN Fantasy Football Champion. Back2Back Champion if we are being specific. I won in the only two years I played, so let’s get this started.

Play Em’ QB:

1. Matthew Stafford (DET vs. JAX): This decision is quite a big one. Many people will call me dumb for it, but trust me. It’s low risk, high reward. Stafford is an elite QB facing a horrendous defense. The odds are in Stafford’s favor. He had a good surrounding cast and should be able to ball out!
2. Kyler Murray (ARI vs. DAL)
3. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT vs. CLE)
4. Gardner Minshew (JAX vs. DET)
5. Kirk Cousins (MIN vs. ATL)

Play Em’ RB:

1. Aaron Jones (GB vs. TB): Originally Dalvin Cook was here until he was downgraded to OUT but AJ is a great number one as well. He’s going against a sorry Bucs defense that allowed Nick Foles to beat them. He should be able to run all over them with Vita Vea out.
2. Devin Singletary (BUF vs. SF)
3. Joe Mixon (CIN vs. IND)
4. Antonio Gibson (WFT vs. NYG)
5. James Robinson (JAX vs. DET)

Play Em’ WR:

1. DeAndre Hopkins (ARI vs. DAL): To be honest, Nuk should be number every single day! He makes cornerbacks look silly and mosses them day after day. He’s played like the best WR in the league so far. He has great games day after day, so start him!
2. Adam Thielen (MIN vs. ATL)
3. Julio Jones (ATL vs. MIN)
4. Marquise Brown (BAL vs. PHI)
5. DJ Chark (JAX vs. DET)

Play Em’ TE:

1. Mark Andrews (BAL vs. PHI): This guy Andrews has been exceeding expectations since last year and I feel like he’s going to have a great week. Philly has been known to have a weak DB group unless it’s Slay on the job. Darius Slay is one out of 4-5 players in the back-field. Andrew should be able to get it going.
2. TJ Hockenson (DET vs. JAX)
3. Travis Kelce (KC vs. BUF)
4. George Kittle (SF vs. LAR))
5. Evan Engram (NYG vs. WFT)

Play Em’ D/ST:

1. LAR D/ST (vs. SF)
2. NE D/ST (vs. DEN)
3. BAL D/ST (vs. PHI)
4. IND D/ST (vs. CIN)
5. MIA D/ST (vs. NYJ)

Bench Em’ QB

1. Jimmy Garrapolo (SF vs. LAR): Since returning from injury, Jimmy G has been quite horrendous. He got benched for CJ Beathard last week in a blowout loss to Miami. The league has started to figure him out and he’s predictable. Kyle Shanahan could only do so much to coach this guy. Jimmy has to be able to execute the play and he doesn’t. Don’t risk it, bench him!
2. Joe Burrow (CIN vs. IND)
3. Carson Wentz (PHI vs. BAL)
4. Teddy Bridgewater (CAR vs. CHI)
5. Ryan Fitzpatrick (MIA vs. NYJ)

Bench Em’ RB

1. Darrell Henderson (LAR vs. SF): As much as I favor his LA team to destroy SF, I still fear their run defense. SF is mostly known for their defense even though they have multiple injuries. Henderson isn’t that good of a RB and he’s facing a good defense so, sit him!
2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC vs. BUF)
3. Miles Sanders (PHI vs. BAL)
4. James Connor (PIT vs. CLE)

Bench Em’ WR

1. Darius Slayton (NYG vs. WFT): Slayton is a good WR, but he’s facing Kendall Fuller and Landon Collins this week. I have a feeling the Giants will pick up their first win this week but I highly doubt that Slayton will ball out. It’s a high risk, high reward scenario but the odds are stacked against him.
2. DJ Moore (CAR vs. CHI)
3. Amari Cooper (DAL vs. ARI)
4. Tyler Boyd (CIN vs. IND)
5. Deebo Samuel (SF vs. LAR)

Bench Em’ TE

1. Tyler Higbee (LAR vs. SF): Although the Niners CBs are banged up they still have their safeties and they are good. Higbee is a decent TE but isn’t the best especially with Jaquiski Tartt covering him. I wouldn’t play him because it’s hard for me to see Goff passing it to him. I’d bench him.
2. Austin Hooper (CLE vs. PIT)
3. Jimmy Graham (CHI vs. CAR)
4. Rob Gronkowski (TB vs. GB)
5. Chris Herndon IV (NYJ vs. MIA)

Bench Em’ D/ST

1. SF D/ST (vs. LAR)
2. TB D/ST (vs. GB)
3. BUF D/ST (vs. KC)
4. CLE D/ST (vs. PIT)
5. PIT D/ST (vs. CLE)

Thanks for reading everybody. I hope this works for all of you! This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBorough Dispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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