New York Jets

Again…? The Jets lose to the Cardinals, 30-10. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

It’s numbing at this point; New York is officially depressed. The Yankees lost on Friday, and the Jets just lost. Our last hope is the Giants against Dallas. It’s a sad city/state right now—awful play-calling, as usual, and bad penalties. The odds are just stacked against us. Let’s get into this garbage they call a game.

Game Recap:

It took a while for this game to get going, but Kyler Murray came out in his second drive of the game and gave it to Chase Edmunds for the game’s first score. Plays later, Avery Williamson intercepted Murray, and the Jets only came out of it with an FG. Tragic when they were already in Cardinals territory. Then, the Cardinals came in and dropped a TD on the Jets. They came in with no response, and Arizona scored another FG. Going into the half, the Jets are losing 17-3. In the second half, Flacco threw a dot to Crowder and brought us back into the game, 17-10. I thought we might have something here until Arizona tore us apart with a TD, 24-10. We had no response, and the Cardinals put the final nail in the coffin with another TD. Can’t get our hopes up at all.



1. Adam Gase is still the coach: He can’t even with be successful with Joe Flacco, embarrassment.

2. Penalties: Can we stop doing dumb things on both sides of the football that lead to flags. It’s disappointing because it kills our motivation.

3. Injures: Now John Franklin-Myers who had a sack today. Then, Hogan has gotten a big injury. Can we get a break?!


1. Crowder: He had another 100 yard game! Let’s go man, he better get resigned. I wish that Gase would be able to incorporate Crowder in the game plan better but I’ll take what I can get with this incompetent coach.

2. UDFA’s: These kids played quite well. Huff put pressures on his assignments and looked better than our starter. Jackson was good in the first 3 quarters but then, regressed when Hopkins mossed him 3 times. Guidry was a little quiet but not bad.

Thanks for reading everybody. It’s hard to find motivation to write this with the awful play-calls. However, this has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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