Rays beat Yanks, 8-4. Game recap, Takeaways and Preview for Game Four (Elimination Game)!

I mean, are there even words that can be used to describe the anger, pain, and sorrow we all went through last night. Like that representation of Yankee Baseball was awful. It isn’t at all reassuring for the future. I feel like Kevin Cash is playing chess while Boone is playing Checkers. Boone made terrible calls yesterday and the day before. Us Yankee fans all hated, and it turned out that those calls lost us the game. This team is just too reliant on analytics. Why even spend money on a manager when the manager will only do whatever the computer says to do. Might as well hire Macintosh or Microsoft to be the manager. However, I digress; let’s go over this incompetence:

Game Recap:

They ought to call this game, “The Umpire’s strike back,” because that’s all that happened. Awful calls, yet again. It’s fair to say these umps have money on the Rays. It’s becoming too evident at this point. So it starts with Tanaka in a little jam, and Judge gets him out of it with this insane grab:

@BR_MLB via Twitter

However, he gets into another jam in the second inning and allows one run to score. Then, Judge evens the score with a sac fly. That wasn’t good enough because after getting awful calls against him, Tanaka gives up a three-run HR to Kevin Kiermaier. If this guy is hitting HRs off of you, then that’s a problem. Then the offense refuses to wake up, and Arozarena hits a solo HR to give the Rays a 5-1 lead. Now the offense starts to feel itself, and Hicks drives in a run with an RBI double. The offense dies down again, and the Rays keep pummeling the Yanks with a Michael Perez 2 run HR off of Chad Green. Next inning, Cessna gives up an RBI double to Ji-Man Choi. Keep in mind the score is 8-2. Still, no word from the offense until the 8th inning, and Stanton crushes one for a two-run HR. He has now broken the streak for most consecutive games with an HR as a Yankee in the postseason, five games in a row. Too bad the Yanks spoil that milestone with an 8-4 loss.



1. Microsoft or Macintosh: Let’s be real here, who’s the real manager of this team. Aaron Boone or a damn computer. I say computer because why the hell would you pinch-hit Mike Ford for Frazier? Just because an RHP came on the mound doesn’t mean anything. Frazier was set to pinch-hit for Higashioka, so then they didn’t even give it to him. They saw an RHP and put in Ford because a computer said so. Ford ended up popping up to the catcher, go figure. The computer was out managed. 

2. Hello, OFFENSE?!: Can we hit anything? Like seriously, can we hit anything? We put up two runs against grandpa Charlie Morton? Like cmon guys, I get he’s good, but we are the Bronx Bombers. We are better than this. By the way, Morton should’ve been a Yankee when he was available. I’m still shocked why they didn’t go after him in FA. 

3. Umpires: Can they do their damn job correctly? They bailed out the Rays trillions of times in this series. It makes me feel like they are on the payroll or have money on the game. Pure incompetence, to be honest. 

4. Pitching: You guys know where I’m heading with this. Why is our “best” middle reliever giving up two runs? Chad Green has to step up. Michael King and Nick Nelson looked great with 0 ERs. Meanwhile, Green gave up two runs. It isn’t enjoyable. They’ve got to go after Bauer this offseason. 


1. The Yankees are a one-man wrecking crew right now. It’s Stanton with Hicks on-base carrying these bozos. That’s what it feels like, and it’s sad to see that they are spoiling this from Stanton. The guy is having career games left and right. Just wished we’d win. 

2. Bauer tweeted: This honestly made my night. Future free agent pitcher, Trevor Bauer, tweeted quite the controversial tweet. He has clearly shown interest in joining the Yankees for a while now. Imagine this rotation: Cole, Bauer, Sevy, Garcia, and Tanaka. That’s when everyone is healthy, but Cole, Bauer, and Garcia can easily carry this rotation. Here’s the tweet:

@BauerOutage via Twitter

To be honest, who wouldn’t want this man in a Yankee Uniform. Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman, I hope you’re seeing his tweet. Imagine a UCLA reunion with Cole and Bauer. They are cool with each other now, so make the move Cashman.


Game Four Preview:

This one is for all the marbles. If we lose, we head back to the Bronx and sit on the couch. If we win, we live to fight another day. It’ll be Montgomery versus Yarbrough. I don’t love the idea of putting the whole season on Monty’s back, but he’s our only hope. Then, we can hope to have Cole in game five for the win. We need to win tonight. Boone cannot allow himself to be out managed. Here are the two possible scenarios for Monty. He either goes 5-6 IP and gives you a good game with less than 3 ER or, he has bases loaded with one out, and Chad Green comes in for him in the first inning. There’s a lot of uncertainty in this game. I expect Cashman to go to the clubhouse and rally this team up. We need to win this series! We need to play our best players. If Frazier doesn’t start, it’ll show that he shouldn’t be the Yankees manager. Let’s wait and see what tonight brings us. Will it bring us sorrow, anger, depression, or happiness, and hope? Find out tonight at 7 pm est!

How to Watch: 

When: 7pm on Thursday
Where: Petco Park, San Diego, California
Network: TBS (Channel 552 on Fios), fuboTV  and on MLBTV
Broadcast (Audio): WFAN

Game Two Predictions:

Me (@jd_5BD on twitter): Yanks 5-4
Marcin (@G0LDEK16 on twitter): Rays 8-7
Matt (@MeloWRLD7 on twitter): Yanks 5-4
Wens (@5BDwens on twitter): Yanks 13-4
Julian (@BLMKuz on twitter): Rays 4-1

Thanks for reading. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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