Rays beat Yanks, 7-5. Tie up the series. Game recap, Takeaways and Preview for Game Three!

The computer can’t see greatness! Yankee’s Manager, Aaron Boone, made the dumbest decisions yesterday. These decisions cost us the game. Deivi should’ve started and pitched at least 3-5 innings instead of being a closer. We knew that Happ is garbage in the postseason. We were angry for a reason when he was announced the Game Three starter versus Cleveland if there was one. We all got flashbacks of the 2018 ALDS versus Boston when he started. He had 2 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 2 Ks, and 5 ER in that game! He looked more nervous than the 21-year-old pitcher making his postseason debut. It made some sense to put Happ in, but it didn’t work. Cash didn’t go nuts over having lefties in his lineup because they were hitting off of us. This was an incredibly dumb decision, and now Boone will second-guess himself for the rest of the postseason. Even if Garcia lost us the game, he’s 21, and I’d rather have him get some premiere postseason pitching experience than a 37-year-old choke us the game while being scared and nervous. Happ looked terrified on the mound. Garcia was to, but usually, after the 1 IP, those nerves would’ve lowered, and I believe he would’ve been shut less after that first inning. However, let’s dig into this crazy mess of a game we had yesterday:

Game Recap:

Yesterday was just an unlucky day for The Bronx Bombers. There was no chance we’d win. There were too many roadblocks ahead for the Yanks. Either it was awful managerial choices, or the umpire was being an idiot. This guy C.B. Bucknor had to have had money on this game. He had to because there is no way ever that this is a strike.

The Yankees couldn’t seem to come back from these terrible calls. However, Stanton had probably the best game he’s ever had in pinstripes. I’m not ready to call him a Yankee, but he was extremely impressive, and glad he’s getting it going. His moment is coming. He seemed to be the only Yankee that was hitting yesterday. It isn’t very reassuring to see this team lose.



1. Analytics: Why are we still running the team by the computer? The computer can’t see things, only predict it. The computer leads to odd calls and dumb substitutions. When it works, it’s usually luck. Deivi should’ve played and Happ should’ve sit. This would’ve never ever worked at all because Happ isn’t a scary pitcher. He’s a choke artist.

2. Umpire: You guys already know where I’m going with this. Just read this stat and you’ll know.

@UmpScorecards on Twitter


1. Stanton: This guy is on fire and that’s what we need right now! We need him to keep it up and show us his worth. Show New York that your 2017 NL MVP year wasn’t just a fluke.

Preview Game Two:

After an awful game two, we need a win today! Tanaka needs to carry this pitching group and shut them down! Just keep us in the game. Morton is a great postseason pitcher, but he’s old coming off injuries so if we can get him early we’ll be fine.

How to Watch: 

When: 7pm on Wednesday
Where: Petco Park, San Diego, California
Network: TBS (Channel 552 on Fios), fuboTV  and on MLBTV
Broadcast (Audio): WFAN

Game Three Predictions:

Me (@jd_5BD on twitter): Yanks 8-5
Marcin (@G0LDEK16 on twitter): Yanks 5-3
Matt (@MeloWRLD7 on twitter): Yanks 4-2

Thanks for reading. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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