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When it rains, it’s pours. Jets lose on TNF to the Broncos, 37-28. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

Really? Talk about a let down from the Jets. This is getting worse by the day. It’s absolutely disgusting. The offense was better than usual; the defense had its ups and downs. More injuries now for both sides; it was a good game but felt one-sided at most times. It felt like we were playing catch-up the entire game. The Broncos won the game and are now 1-3. The Jets remain winless at 0-4. Let’s get into this:

Game Recap:

The Jets look strong off the bat with a Sam Darnold improvised run for a TD. The pocket collapsed, and he scrambled then broke all the tackles attempted by Denver. Then, Denver scores a field goal. The score is now 7-3, and the worst possible thing occurs. Sam Darnold was sacked and thrown to the ground harshly by Alexander Johnson, #45 LB Denver. Darnold was injured, and we thought he’d broke his collarbone or his shoulder. He went into the locker room but was back for the next drive. Before then, Jeudy mosses Desir for a TD. Afterward, the Jets started the Field Goal party and only scored FGs. At the half, the score was 17-13 Denver. At the end of the 3rd, it was 24-16 Denver. Then, the FG party continued, and Rypien threw INT’s all over the place, and Desir caught one for a pick-6, but the 2pt conversion was unsuccessful. It was an awful play-call by Gase. They got the ball back with a Brian Poole INT, but they only scored a FG and took the lead by one. Therefore, the Broncos scored a FG and TD to win the game. If it wasn’t for Quinnen Williams’ face mask flag, we would’ve had another chance. They made it competitive, but they found a way to look atrocious as well.



1. Adam Gase is still the coach: Gase clearly showed he couldn’t call any good plays on a 2-minute drill. He is incompetent and makes this team hard to watch. Darnold deserves better.

2. Penalties: Can we stop fouling on third down! Like come on Gregg, discipline your damn players! I understand Denver played dirty but it’s hurting our chances of winning.

3. Can we get any calls?: On the play that Darnold was clearly flagged there was not one flag called at all. This is just highly unfair and makes it impossible to win especially with out QB1 injured.

4. Injures: Bye Becton….Bye Darnold…..Bye Bless…..Bye Cager…….Bye good players. Can we get a break or something?! Why are our best players getting hurt? Why is our coach playing them? Incompetence is awful!


1. Desir and Poole: I want to say Desir did good with two INTs but at the same time he didn’t. Poole on the other hand wasn’t that bad. The standard has really been lowered since this team isn’t good.

2. Darnold: The kid didn’t look bad and showed sparks of greatness. He just need this thing called a good coach. We haven’t had one in a while so I wonder if the Johnson’s know what it is.

3. Crowder: He had another 100 yard game in his first game back from injury! Let’s go man, he better get resigned. I wish that Gase would be able to incorporate both into the game plan but it’d be too much to ask for.

4. UDFA’s: These kids played quite well. Huff and Jackson put pressures on their assignment and looked better than our starters. I’m excited to see what Guidry could offer but they played great.

Thanks for reading everybody. It’s hard to find motivation to write this with the awful play-calls. However, this has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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