The Yankees sweep the Indians in the AL WC Round! Series Recap and Takeaways.

Wow, just wow! How do you honestly sleep after that? This game was a spectacle! It was one that Yankee fans will not forget; it was a close one until the very end. So let’s recap from the beginning:

Game Recap:

The pitching matchup was Tanaka versus Carrasco. Two great second rotation pitchers, but the rain started to pour. Instead of starting at 7 pm est, the game began at 7:50 pm est. Then, during the first inning, there was a rain delay, and it took a while for the game to start.

The Indians exploded off of Tanaka after the delay, scoring four runs in the first. It didn’t look good for the Yanks as they started with a 4-0 deficit until Stanton woke this team up with a solo shot to turn it into a three-run deficit. Then fast forward to the 4th inning, and former Indians third-baseman, Gio Urshela hits a GRAND SLAM to take the 5-4 lead! This was huge and lit a spark in the Yankees!

Then, in the fifth, the Yankees aren’t done unloading as they get a Stanton sac fly, and it’s 6-4. After settling in, Tanaka ran into trouble, and Green came in for relief. Green gave up a pair of runs, and it stayed tied at six until GARY shows up and delivers his weekly homerun! Now it’s an 8-6 game, and Loaisiga is put in a challenging situation with two runners on with two outs versus Jordan Luplow. Loaisiga gave the Indians the tying run, and this one is going into the 8th, tied at 8.

Chappy comes into a horrendous situation with two runners on and allows a run. The Yanks have lost their first lead of the night. Cleveland is close to winning this with a 9-8 lead. Until Brad Hand realizes he’s playing the Bronx Bombers! He walks, allows two singles, and just like that. The bases are loaded. The Yankees are back in this one with a Gary Sanchez sac fly, 9-9. Here comes DJ LeMachine with an 0-4 night with runners on. He rips it through second base, and Urshela comes home! Yanks have this one! Chapman comes in for the 9th and finishes the game!



1. We don’t have a 6th/7th inning pitcher: Today, we learned that our starter needs to give us 6 or 7 innings. We have Britton and Chapman for 8 and 9, but Green and Ottovino have been shaky and can’t pitch the 6th or 7th. Loaisiga can’t either. It’s a crucial task because Cole won’t be on the mound every day.

2. Hit and run: This is what makes the Rays different. Once they see the ball in the air for a hit, they run as fast as they can. Unlike the Yankees, they take too long to start running. Let’s get back to old school baseball; we won 27 championships out of it.

3. STOP USING THE COMPUTER: Manager Boone is relying on the computer to make the decisions. Like why would you pinch-run Wade for Voit in the 7th when this is a tight game. It was an MLB The Show 20 type of decision. They are lucky it didn’t screw us up.


1. This offense is electric: We got some excellent batters! Our offense doesn’t give up; it may take a while to get them going, but when they try, they are electric! Even the bottom of the order is lethal, especially when Frazier is playing.

2. Stanton: I didn’t expect Stanton to have the game he had after yesterday. He showed up big time, and it seems like he isn’t stealing $30M from the Yankees. Let’s hope that he can stay on this hot streak and keep it up

3. Move the runner: This team’s significant objective is to move the runner when possible. The approach in previous years was home run, home run, and only home run. That mentality gets more Ks than HRs. I like that we are playing advance the runner ball.

4. Chappy: The Closer, Chapman, looked nasty yesterday! He was terrific and was throwing 100MPH+. Now he hopefully won’t have to worry about any trash cans or buzzers, so he should be good to go!

That’s going to do for today’s series recap. Thanks for reading. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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