New York Jets

The Adam’s Apple of the Offense (Adam Gase)

In 2019, Adam Edwards Gase was relieved from duties by the Miami Dolphins. That same year Christopher Wold Johnson, NY Jets Owner, hired Adam Edwards Gase after being fired by a division rival. Adam was brought in to mentor and develop our franchise QB, Sam Darnold, to reach his highest potential. Gase was the wrong decision. Mr. Johnson had the opportunity to hire Mike McCarthy (Super Bowl-winning coach), Matt Rhule (Baylor), Eric Bienemy (Chiefs OC), Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech), Jim Harbaugh (Michigan), or even Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma). However, he went with the “Brilliant Offense Mind, Adam Gase.” All Gase did what mess up the future of the NY Jets. Here’s why:

Adam Gase has made himself King:

When Adam Gase joined the New York Jets, he made this his team. Even if he were fired, the Jets would be in trouble, especially during midseason. He brought in Dowell Loggains, who is his right-hand man. If we were to fire Adam Gase, there would be no valuable apprentice. When he joined the NY Jets, he made himself the center of the offense, the “Adam’s apple of the Offense.” he made sure that whatever happened in Miami would never happen again.

Hasn’t surrounded himself with smart minds:

Great coaches surround themselves with great coaching minds, and they all make a decision together. For example, Andy Reid always has had another great mind alongside him. Recently, his second in command is Eric Bienemy. Before Bienemy, it was Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears coach. Before Nagy, it was Doug Peterson. Successful people have smart people around him. People who are arrogant and ignorant always want to be the most intelligent person in the room. So, they surround themselves with not the smartest people. That’s what makes Gase a lousy coach and Andy Reid a HOF coach. I’m not saying Gase has to be a HOF coach like Andy Reid, not at all, but we would’ve liked him to be competent, develop Darnold and stop making Rich Kotitie look like a good coach. That’s all we want.

No apprentice:

Alongside not having any good coaches surrounding him, Adam Gase is the only coach in the coaching staff able to run a team. Dowell Loggains will probably leave with Gase if he were to get fired during midseason. We’d have to put the whole offense on Jim Bob Cooter’s back. I’m not saying that he’s not able to run an offense, but he’s the only one able to. He’s currently the QB coach and was the offensive coordinator for Detroit when Matthew Stafford was balling! Before then, he was in Denver and Chicago, an assistant and quality control coordinator. He’s going to make us have to rely on one person after his hopeful midseason firing. This is going to be rough for Sam Darnold. It’s not fair for him, and it’s not fair for us.

Has ruined Sam Darnold

Franchise Quarterback, Sam Darnold, has been RUINED! Due to the sole fact that he has an incompetent coach who can’t develop a quarterback even if his life depended on it! It seems that if you leave his offense, you become successful. Ryan Tannehill is a pure fact of it. He has had a resurgence in his career with the Tennessee Titans. Same with DeVante Parker as a WR and Kenyan Drake as a RB. Since the Jets have realistic chances of getting the first pick of the draft, we will probably pick Trevor Lawrence. Then, trade Sam Darnold to Pittsburgh, and he’ll win about 3 or 4 championships and become an all-time great. Then, the good ole’ Jets will realize what they’ve ruined. Afterward, when we draft Trevor Lawrence and sign Chuck Pagano to be our HC, we’ll yet again have ruined another QB. As many know, I’m just joking, but with the luck the Jets have, this is a possibility. I feel like Joe Douglas will make a smart decision, and we’ll be fine, post the Adam Gase era. He needs to be fired. Thank you all for reading my rant. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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