MLB Playoff First Round Predictions

The 2020 MLB playoffs is gonna be something we’ve never seen before with bubbles, no fans, expanded playoffs, and teams we never would have thought we would see. The Wild Card series are gonna be best out of 3 for every series; it’ll be a different dynamic for everyone so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

#1 Tampa Bay Rays vs #8 Toronto Blue Jays

Pitching vs Hitting that’s what this series is gonna be. The young hitters of Toronto against the flamethrowers of Tampa. I’m excited to see Vlad, Bo Bichette, and Cavan Biggio in their first of many playoff series. Don’t get me wrong the Jays have sneaky bats that could take a game in this series to make it interesting but with Tyler Glasnow, Blake Snell, and Charlie Morton starting all 3 games I just don’t know. The Rays were one game away from the ALCS last year and we know they are capable of performing in the playoffs. Even if the Jays get to one of the starters they’ll have to handle the best bullpen this season in baseball. But I’ve seen the Jays bats get hot so with that being said….

Prediction: Tampa Bay Rays in 3

#2 Oakland Athletics vs #7 Chicago White Sox

You know when I was talking about teams we didn’t expect to see in the playoffs? Well the White Sox were one of those teams, the White Sox we expected to be good in a couple of years but they proved everyone wrong and showed that they have arrived. While Oakland has proven that they are capable of winning the division when the other teams in their division don’t bang on trash cans. Oakland has an elite offense but the loss of Matt Chapman will hurt them if they make a run in this postseason. Pitching all together might be something that could hurt the A’s this series expectually when the other side has two AL MVP candidates and a ROTY candidate. Both teams have something to prove but as a Yankee fan I know first hand you can have a really good offense but if you don’t have pitching you’re not going anywhere. So this is 1 of my 2 upsets…

Prediction: Chicago White Sox in 3 

#3 Minnesota Twins vs #6 Houston Astros*

Well well well, has karma done it’s thing in 2020. Isn’t it crazy that if you don’t cheat you’ll have a bad record, I know crazy concept. But all hate aside the Houston Astros still have a crazy lineup but the loss of Verlander will be the difference maker in the playoffs. Now the Bomba Squad will be able to smack the ball around with the Astros pitching staff. The Twins offense is too good to lose this series and the Astros pitching is too bad to win this series.

Prediction: Minnesota Twins in 2 

#4 Cleveland Indians vs #5 New York Yankees

This is probably the most intriguing series in the AL you have hitting everywhere on the field. The Yankees have a fully healthy lineup which they barely had this season yet again. But the Indians have the pitching to match the hitting of the Bronx Bombers with Shane Bieber, Carlos Carrasco, and Zach Plesac. The Yankees have had trouble against good pitching the last 3 years in the playoffs against the likes of Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Trevor Bauer, and Chris Sale. But this offense if it starts clicking will dominate this postseason, let’s not forget when everyone was healthy at the beginning of the season and had a historic start we were talking about this team being the best Yankee team record wise in a minute. The Yankees are debatably the best team in baseball when healthy and guess what….they are healthy. 

Prediction: Yankees in 2 *Knock on Wood* (I’m a jinx most of the time)

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs Milwaukee Brewers 

Well I can’t say this will be a 100% win for the Dodgers because of what I witnessed last year but with the addition of Mookie Betts I don’t see a universe where the Dodgers choke again. This series will just be an example of how many runs the Dodgers will get off the Brewers pitching. Now I know the Brewers have 2 guys they have to rely on but there is still a lot to be desired . The one question I have for the Brewers is, can they maintain any type of lead before giving Hader the ball? The Brewers pitching staff have to pitch the best baseball of their lives but they won’t so…

Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers in 2

#2 Atlanta Braves vs #7 Cincinnati Reds

Now I had the Reds winning the NL Central this year but nobody expected the Cubs to return to form. The Reds starting 3 for this series are NL CY Candidate Trevor Bauer, Sonny Gray, and Luis Castillo. That’s the best 3 man rotation in the Wild Card round, yes better than the Rays starting 3. But the Braves have elite bats with Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies, Marcell Ozuna, and NL MVP candidate Freddie Freeman so the Braves have the bats to beat the Reds but the Reds also have some bats. Joey Votto, Nick Castellanos, Eugenio Suarez, Mike Moustakes, and power house Aristides Aquino. With the loss of Mike Soroka early in the season will really hurt the Braves because it’s never their offense that’s the problem it’s always their pitching and against this lineup you’ll need pitching. The 2nd upset goes to the Reds.

Prediction: Cincinnati Reds in 3 

#3 Chicago Cubs vs #6 Miami Marlins (You read that right)

Yes your eyes don’t deceive you right now, the Miami Marlins yes the Miami Marlins are in the playoffs. 2020 man, well back on a serious note I don’t think the Marlins have a chance in hell of winning this series. The Cubs are sneaking up to be the past form that won them a World Series in 2016. But the Cubs need Kris Bryant to be Kris Bryant again if they want to go deep in October because saying he’s been bad over the last couple of years is an understatement. The Marlins have good pieces but they need that one big piece for them to be taken seriously and I hope they prove me wrong with this series but it’s highly unlikely. 

Prediction: Chicago Cubs in 2

#4 San Diego Padres vs #5 St Louis Cardinals

Probably the biggest surprise for me in the 2020 Rona season is the early arrival of the San Diego Padres. Now I’ve always known that Fernando Tatis Jr was gonna be a star in this league but I didn’t know it was gonna be in his 2nd season. He had help though from Manny Machado and a lot more guys. But it won’t be an easy pass into the NLDS because they have to verse the hungry St Louis Cardinals. The Cards have a balanced team all throughout and don’t have anything that sticks out to be a positive or negative. But the Padres have starting pitching and hitting to go far in this postseason and with that being said…

Prediction: San Diego Padres in 2 


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