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Atrocious! Jets lose to the Colts, 36-7. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

This was a hard loss, due to the fact we usually beat the Colts in recent history. However, history did not play a factor in this as the Jets are now 0-3. A loss is always painful, but after becoming a Jets fan, it becomes so numb. All we can hope for is that Christopher Johnson fires Adam Gase as fast as possible. Darnold didn’t look too good; to be honest, the entire team didn’t look right. I’m beat, and all the Jets fans are probably beat after this loss.



Steven Senne/AP

1. Adam Gase: Dude, are you serious? You can’t even call plays to make it competitive. Why can’t you adjust your scheme? Why can’t you groom a quarterback? Why can’t you work around your players? Why can’t you be a competent coach? Why do you seem Rich Kotite look like a good coach? Why did you even accept the NY Jets HC job, when you suck? Why, man, WHY? These all are the reason why somebody should fire you. You can’t even make an offense look “ok.” You destroyed our franchise QB. Boo, this man!

2. Injuries: We lost LT Becton, S McDougald, OLB Jenkins, OLB Jordan Willis, and DL Franklin-Myers. The injuries keep piling up on this team.

via NFL

3. Darnold?: I will never blame Sam, but 2 pick-sixes? Calm down, man, read the defense. I know you have a lack of receivers, banged up OL and RB group, and an incompetent, but please deliver. Stop throwing interceptions, ignore Gase.


via New York Jets

1. Cager: This kid is actually good! He has two receptions and 35 yards with four targets. For a UDFA, this is quite a game for his debut.

2. One game closer to Gase’s inevitable firing: It’s almost there, guys. Please wait a little longer because there is no way they keep this guy. I’d rather have my sister, who think Aaron Judge is the Jets QB, be the Head Coach of this god awful team. We need a miracle to win with Gase.

3. Braxton Berrios: A surprise great game by Mr. Berrios. He had 4 receptions, 64 yards and a touchdown. Impressive!

Hopefully, these Jets put up a game next week versus the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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