New York Jets

This is just dis-Gaseful! Jets lose again, this time to the 49ers, 31- 13. Game recap, takeaways, positives and negatives.

I have no words. Like last week, I told myself not to get hyped for this week, and I failed alongside many other Jets fans. With Kittle, Deebo, Sherman, and Ford being out, I thought we had a chance. Ha, I thought wrong! Right out the gate, Raheem Mostert runs an 80-yard touchdown. From that second, just like many other Jets fans, we knew this was a wrap. Until on the next drive, Jimmy G is out, and Bosa is too. This was such a winnable game for us. Unless your coach is Adam Gase. As I said last week, WIDE RECEIVER SCREENS DO NOT WORK ON THIRD DOWN! However, Gase thinks he’s the greatest coach ever to live, so let him run his legendary WR screens and get his 3 yards on a 3rd and long. I can’t wait to hear about this post-game conference. Gase is going to find a way and blame everyone besides himself. A great coach works around his players, like Bill Belichick. Those great coaches make plays that work and teach their players how to run it. Adam Gase draws up a play at the half and forces it into Sam when that play is god awful! Here are my takeaways:



  1. Adam is Dis-gaseful (Head Coach): These WR screens don’t work, man! Gase tried to do a WR screen in three straight 3rd downs. That led to us going 5 for 14 on third downs. That is 35.7%. Meanwhile, the 49ers went 7 for 13 on third downs, which is 53.8%. He still hasn’t shown he cares about the damn running game. He only ran up the middle. We didn’t see any halfback tosses as the 49ers ran. The Niners killed us whenever we ran up the gut. Gase is a problem; he needs to go after this year, no matter what the record is! Even if we have to go 0-16, I think we are ready to make that sacrifice.
  2. Play until the last snap!: This defense does excellent for the first two plays and gives it up on the third down. We had a 3rd and 31, and then Jerrick McKinnon runs all over us! It happened multiple times this game, but that was the worst one. This defense needs to be better.
  3. Second Best Rush Defense?: Where was this excellent run defense when we most needed it? All I can remember was Mostert running all over us and make us look like trash cans. Same with McKinnon, this team needs to get it together. We are nothing without defense. I expect better Gregg Williams.
  4. Van Rotten: Yes, I miswrote the name on purpose. This guy is quite abysmal next to everyone else on the line. I saw him give up quite the amount of pressure. I don’t particularly appreciate seeing it because Darnold needs all the protection he can get. Let’s get our head in the game, Mr. Van Roten.
  5. 1 Garbage time TD?: We can’t even score during garbage time. From what I saw, garbage time began in the third quarter, and we only scored 10 points during that time! Come on, MAN! I blame Gase and will always blame Gase until he takes blame for our losses!
  6. Injures: They don’t stop coming. We lost Perriman, Wilson, Maulet, Hogan, and McGovern today. Someone tell the NFL we need preseason games at least 2. Today was a hectic day for injuries.


  1. QUINNEN!: The former third overall pick by the NY Jets is looking like a beast! After having an awful first game, Q proved himself this game with two sacks, 2 TFL, 7 TOT, and 1 QB hit. What a game! He deserves a DPOW nomination with that incredible stat line. This is what we drafted! We drafted a beast on the DL.
  2. Mt. Mekhi: Talking about beasts, hello, Mr. Becton! This guy is an ANIMAL! I don’t recall him allowing any sacks today. He made sure Bosa wasn’t getting past him. This kid is throwing guys off the television screen! Joe Douglas’ first-rounder looks like a BOOM! This giant is doing to do some crazy things for us. I’m glad to have Walter Jones Jr. on my team defending Darnold!
  3. Sammy is still the SAVIOR: Last week was nothing but rustiness. He looked way better today than from last week. There is no reason to fear everybody. We still may go 0-16, but Sam Darnold is a great QB that we need to have confidence in!
  4. Desir’s Day?: Pierre Desir had quite a good game after being benched at the start of the game. He gave us 1 INT, 2 TOT, and one pass deflection. Not a bad day for him, compared to last week.
  5. MAYEDAYE: Marcus Maye had a pretty good day. He only had one lousy play, but besides that, he was good. He gave us 7 TOT and one pass deflection.

Hopefully, these Jets put up a better game next week versus the Indianapolis Colts. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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