Can the Yankees Still Win the Division?

  2020 the year where everything has changed but the one constant has been the Yankees injury bug. The bug has yet again hit the names of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, Gio Urshela, James Paxton, Luis Severino, and a couple of more. The Yankeees as of 9/15 at 10:30 AM sit at the 3rd spot in the AL East behind the Blue Jays by a half a game. But the Yankees have a chance to be 2nd with a 2.5 game lead over the Jays if they sweep them in this upcoming series. But in the way of the Yankees being in first are the Tampa Bay Rays and it would take a couple of loses for them to be threatened by the Yankees. The Rays schedule for the rest of the season looks like, 2 games against Nationals, 3 against the Orioles, 2 against the Mets, and the last 3 against the Phillies. And the Yankees schedule for the rest of the year contains the Blue Jays in two series, the Red Sox, and the Marlins. I would say the Yankees have the easier schedule but the Rays have been playing good baseball so let’s not put that behind them. With the recent reports of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gio Urshela currently working at the alternate site right now and are expected to be back in the lineup this week is HUGE for the Yankees. When the Yankees had their “Death Star” lineup in 2020 they were unstoppable and were the best team by a country mile. In 2020, you would expect Aaron Judge or Stanton to be the HR leader welp that’s not the case because Luke Voit is the current leader of the Yankees and in the MLB.

How can the Yankees do it?

 Well it’s gonna be very difficult for us to comeback and still have a deep playoff run. Both teams have 13 games remaining and it would take a miracle for the Yankees to comeback but wouldn’t be impossible. Here are all the scenarios:

Rays go 8-5 (38-22) Yankees would have to go 13-0 (39-21)
Rays go 7-6 (37-23) Yankees go 12-1 (38-22)
Rays go 6-7 (36-24) Yankees go 11-2 (37-23)
Rays go 5-8 (35-25) Yankees go 10-3 (36-24)
Rays go 4-9 (34-26) Yankees go 9-4 (35-25)
Rays go 3-10 (33-27)Yankees go 8-5 (34-26)
Rays go 2-11 (32-28)Yankees go 7-6 (33-27)
Rays go 1-12 (31-29)Yankees go 6-7 (32-28)
Rays go 0-13 (30-30)Yankees go 5-8 (31-29)

Yeah it would be very difficult for the Yankees to win the division but I’ve seen the Yankees go on 10-3, 9-4, 11-2 runs before it’s just a matter of can the other teams beat the high powered Rays to give the Yankees the chance. I know I sound like a broken record but it’s 2020 ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!

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