Black Live Matter & A message to the black community

Hello everyone. Before you spam my DMs on Twitter, YES, I know this isn’t the content we usually publish but I just had to write this. When the death of George Floyd happened and blew up all over the mainstream media, I contemplated writing something but I couldn’t muster up the courage to speak out and possibly lose followers and readers due to FBD being extremely young and new then. However, now with a slightly more established “fanbase” I can.

Black Lives Matter

When you read the phrase “Black Lives Matter” what do you think? Do you think the people who scream that phrase are saying all other lives don’t matter or do you sympathize with them and hope that one day that message will be acknowledged and taken seriously? Well, I would hope that you think the latter because I assure you when people scream BLM (Black Lives Matter) as loud as their vocal cords can physically allow, they are not attempting to put down any other race and say they don’t matter. In fact, they are attempting to put us (black people) on the same level playing field as every other race. In my short life, I’ve seen so many African Americans end up on the news due to clear and blatant racism, and yet people still try and defend it. At first, I’d just be become outraged and on my “they bring smoke, we bring fire” mentality but now, it’s just turned into sadness. However, now I realize my prior mentality was probably for the better because now more than ever I’ve seen BLM and everything related to it so relevant and in the news. For the people who say rioting isn’t the way to solve things, let me leave you with this quote from former President of the United States of America John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

A message to the Black community 

We simply are just a fucking mess. By that I mean exactly what it states. We glorify the wrong things in our youth, we don’t bring each other up whatsoever and when one of us is on the come up, we’d rather see him crash and burn back down to our level. Just like crabs in a barrel. I know you may not want to hear everything I just said, but it’s simply the truth. Within our youth, we glorify the toughest, the strongest, and the most dangerous people as “cool” when we should be bringing up and glorifying the smartest, the kindest, and the ones that can work in society. By mentioning that we would rather see each other’s crash and not reach our max potential in life, I mean that whenever one of us is on the rise, most of the time they don’t even have the full backing of the black community and if we don’t support each other who will? We can’t blame all our wrongdoings on the government. Yes, I agree there are many racists police officers out there and there are many racist government officials out there, but did you know that from 1980-2008 over 50%, (52.5% to be exact) of homicides in the U.S were done by African Americans? Now how can you possibly blame the Police/Government for that? We have to be better people. We can’t blame all of our problems on white people even if we feel that they are one of the main causes of our problem .





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