The Newest Curse in Baseball “ The Yankees Injury Bug”

  We’ve had the, “Curse of the Billy Goat”, we’ve had the, “Curse of the Bambino”, “Curse of the Black Sox”, and now for the New York Yankees, “Curse of the Injury Bug”. Now if you know anything about the Yankees you know basically all of our players get injured around the clock. Last year along we had 30+ guys on the IL which was the most in MLB history. 2018, Judge, Gleyber, Sanchez were gone for a bit. Then you could say the whole Jacoby Ellsbury Yankee story could be a part of this. So far in 2020 the Yankees have lost, Luis Severino (Season Ending Surgery), Stanton (3-4 weeks), Judge just got put on, Champan (COVID), Cessa (COVID), Kahnle (Season Ending), Kyle Higashioka (10 Day IL). This injury bug will never end and that’s why I’m gonna be going over a curse that could be related to ours and see if this could be something for Yankee fans to worry about. 

Curse of the Billy Goat (1945 – 2016): In 1945, a fan wanted to bring a goat to the Cubs World Series game against the Detroit Tigers and wasn’t allowed to. So out of pure anger he put a hex (spell) on the Cubs stating they will never win a World Series at Wrigley Field. And people started to believe this spell when a fan named Steve Bartman in 2003 interfered with a foul ball catch during the NLCS (National League Championship Series) allowing the Florida Marlins to come back and win the series. Now technically this is still not broken because the guy said “will never win a World Series at Wrigley” they didn’t win it in Chicago they won it in Cleveland. 

Relates to Yankees Current Curse: The injury bug took out Giancarlo Stanton out of the ALCS last year against the Astros right after he hit a HR to right center and didn’t see the batter’s box again in that series.

What Makes a Curse and is this Curse Valid?: Curse, “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.” How long does it take to qualify as a curse? The “Curse of Donnie Baseball, New York Yankees” lasted from 1982-1985 and 2004-2007. The “Injury Bug Curse” has lasted from 2018-Present, so it’s valid. Now has the injury bug directly impacted us in the playoffs? Yes but I’m not here to complain and make excuses for us losing. But again Stanton got hurt in the ALCS, Sabathia threw out his arm, Hicks wasn’t playing at 90% and was playing with a bad arm that needed Tommy John, Judge was playing with a collapsed lung and a broken rib, Severino was not fully ready yet returning from injury, Voit wasn’t on the roster because of his injury, Andujar who was the ROTY runner up was out. Now you can tell me this is just a way for me to make excuses up for the Yankees losing but you can’t tell me with a straight face that all these injuries aren’t sketchy like there should be no way this many people can get injured and all of them being freak accidents. The “Curse of the Injury Bug” is a real possibility and hopefully it can be broken this year but if you do a deep dive you will find a weird pattern with all these injuries and when you do just past this along “Curse of the Injury Bug” is really real. 

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