MLB Power Rankings 2.0; Defending Champs go DOWN?; A’s can’t be stopped; Mets disappointing yet again

1. New York Yankees (14-6) (+1)

  The Yankees sit up here with some competition for the number 1 spot but I had to give it to the Yankees because of how deadly there offense has been and there bullpen compared to the other teams. The Yankees have already beat the Braves, and the defending World Champions Washington Nationals in a decisive matter. Aaron Judge who is currently the front runner for AL MVP alongside Mike Trout and teammate DJ LeMahieu. Stanton looked fantastic before he got injured (again). The offense still clicks even when the other big bats Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez has yet to break out this season. 

2. Oakland A’s (15-6) (+5)

   Yes I’m buying into the A’s hype right now because everything that could go right is going right for the A’s. Multiple walk offs, actually MULTIPLE GRANDSLAM WALKOFFS. Beating division rivals left and right, beating the Astros, Angels, Rangers, and Mariners very early in the season. Plus I had to give them a spot for starting a fight with the Asterisks. #FreeLaureano

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (15-7) (-2)

   Ok the Dodgers didn’t move back 2 spots because they were playing bad it’s just because the other 2 teams were playing better. Mookie Betts has been the story for the Dodgers so far in this crazy 2020. Cody Bellinger has yet to show up to the field. But the other guys have been picking up his slack because that’s how good the Dodgers are. Dustin May has been a pleasant surprise for the Dodgers alongside Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw. But Mookie Betts man he’s so fun to watch and I love that I can finally root for him because he’s no longer on the Red Sox. 

4. Chicago Cubs (13-5) (+10)

  Who doubted the Cubs this season? I DID!! I love being wrong about these things because when the Cubs are good baseball is good. The Cubs main issue going into the 2020 season was pitching and so far pitching hasn’t been a problem. The offense is doing what they do and they are matching it on the flip side of the ball. Kyle Hendricks has been pitching good, Yu Darvish is doing Yu Darvish things, Jon Lester is off to a good start. If the pitching can hold up this team will be golden come Octuber.

5. Minnesota Twins (13-8) (-2)

  Yet again the reasoning for the drop in rankings is not because of there play it’s because of the teams play above them. The Twins came out smashing the ball like they did in 2019, Nelsen Cruz is nuking, Max Kepler is smacking the ball. Donaldson is off to a slow start but he will pick it up and when he does this lineup will be near impossible to get out. Pitching really doesn’t need to be a concern because of how many runs the Twins put up on regular night bases. The offense is racking right now and that is why they hold the number 5 spot.

Rest of the Field: (Miami, Cardinals will not be ranked due to recent cancelations)

6. Atlanta Braves 

7. Tampa Bay Rays 

8. Cleveland Indians

9. Cincinnati Reds

10. Houston Astros 

11. Philadelphia Phillies 

12. Washington Nationals

13.  Los Angeles Angels

14. Arizona Dimondbacks

15. Chicago White Sox

16. Texas Rangers

17. San Diego Padres 

18. New York Mets

19. Colorado Rockies

20. Toronto Blue Jays

21. Seattle Mariners 

22. San Francisco Giants 

23. Baltimore Oriales 

24. Kansas City Royals 

25. Miami Marlins 

26. Detroit Tigers

27. Boston Red Sox

28. Pittsburgh Pirates

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