Options After Stanton Goes Down Again

 Welp the injury bug is back for Giancarlo Stanton with a tight left hamstring. Saturday’s first double header game against the Rays was good for Giancarlo Stanton because he had a HR, a single, and a couple of runs. But in the second double header game on a slide to 2nd he felt tightness in his left hamstring and got replaced by Mike Ford. The Yankees over the last couple of years have always had this motto of “Next Man Up” and that’s because of our stars players getting hurt and people from the minors stepping up. Gio Urshela was a product of that, Mike Tauchman, Mike Ford, Clint Frazier, and a bunch more. So who’s gonna step up for the Yankees this time? Well I’m here to tell you what to expect.

Gardner Perminate LF, *Insert Name in DH*

  This is the most likely scenario because Gardner is probably the best defensive player on the LF depth chart along with Mike Tauchman. Who do you think should be in the DH spot during this time? Well personally I think Mike Ford should be our guy because he’s an above average major leaguer and fits the spot of the DH. Mike Ford has always had the consistent bat coming up from the minors last season. Last season in 143 AB Mike Ford had 12 HR’s, 25 RBI’s, with a .258 BA, .350 OBP, .559 SLG, and the most impressive stat .909 OPS which is way above league average. You can never have too many lefty bats at Yankee Stadium so I think this is the most likely scenario.

What I Would Do

 Now I’m not no MLB manager but I personally think Mike Tauchman is better then Brett Gardner right now also I think Mike Tauchman should be our everyday LFer if we have Stanton in the lineup or not. Tauchman is on par defensively with Brett Gardner in Left, Tauchman already has 4 stolen bases, and finally Tauchman is the way better hitter at this point. When all the bats are cold, guys like DJ and Tauchman will always give you that single or double to start a rally. Now who do I want at DH, well that’s simply Mike Ford again because of my points in the previous paragraph. Now who should they call up to fill the room? The Yankees could recall Andujar but I think they want him to get right and see how he can fit his swing. The call up will be between Thairo Estrada (already called up for the Rays series) and Clint Frazier and you really can’t go wrong with either man. Thairo was debatable their best hitter in summer camp and looked ready but Clint has shown major league success but the defense is a real problem. Maybe call up Clint to be the DH to raise his trade value because I don’t see a scenario in 3-5 years where Clint Frazier is our starting LF or DH everyday. Thairo will never be an everyday guy but he can do a little bit of everything that’s why I call him mini Gleyber Torres. 

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