3 things to expect from Tom Thibodeau in New York

Well, Well, Well, it’s finally happened the New York Knicks have finally gone on and done it, they have officially hired their 27th head coach in franchise history, Tom Thibodeau. Now since I’ve gotten the introduction out of the way here are 3 things you should expect from Tom “Thibs” Thibodeau and the New York Knicks in 2021/22.

  1. Mitchell Robinson… that’s all that’s the point
  • When I first heard the Knicks hired Tom Thibodeau I immediately thought DEFENSE and all the possibilities that come with it. Thibs historically is known for getting the best out of his big men from Kevin Garnett to more recently Joakim Noah 2 DPOY winners and guess what guess who has a young defensive big man just oozing with potential, yeah… we do in Mitchell Robinson. I fully expect Mitch to prosper under the guidance of Thibs, Mitch is just a few tweaks away from being a legitimate DPOY due to his elite shot-blocking potential and his freakishly high athleticism. 
  1. Significantly larger staff
  • Well, it no secret that Thibs is nowhere near the developmental coach that he is the defensive coach, so during Thib’s tenure in New York expect to see many more developmental coaches added to the staff. Not only do I believe this but it has basically been confirmed when during Thib’s introductory press conference he stated that they will emphasize developing the young talent, and what better way to do that than to hire coaches that are specifically there to develop the young talent. 
  1. A winners mentality 
  • To put it lightly the New York Knicks have sucked since the departure of Patrick Ewing in Y2K and the franchise being sold to one of the worst owners in sports in ’99, but now what if I told you, you can have hope for the future with the hiring of Tom Thibodeau. Everywhere Thibs goes he wins, it’s just as simple as that really for example prior to Thibs inheriting that Chicago Bulls roster from Vinny Del Negro in the 2010/11 season they were a merely 8th seed barely clinging on to a .500 record, however, as soon as Thibs got there they automatically became the #1 seed in the east ahead of the 3 headed demon that was in south beach at the time. Okay so with that being said, I am not expecting the Knicks to become the #1 seed next year, hell i’m not expecting us to even make the playoffs but what I am expecting and what we all should be expecting honestly is some improvement and in Thibs winning and improvement will follow.

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