Yankees vs Orioles Series Recap

 Welp this series was what I expected and a little more. These two games were very overwhelming because one was a boring blowout and the other was a game where we waited to see if it was gonna be rained out or not. Now non-Yankee fans will call me spoiled for saying a blowout is boring but it was and I almost caught myself almost sleeping on some occasions. Well I’m here to catch you up and what I saw during these two games in Baltimore so LETS DO IT. 

7/29 Game 1: The White Whale was spotted tonight when Gerrit Cole took the mound for the Yanks for his 2nd career start in pinstripes. Gerrit yet again didn’t have his A+ to B stuff tonight but was still good enough to be better than the rest of the rotation. Gerrit went 6.2 IP, with 3 ER, 2 BB, and 7 K’s. It went from Gerrit to Avilan to Chad Green to finally Brooks Kriste. Now let’s get to the offensive side of the ball, DJLM lead off HR what else were expecting from the Machine the guy just straight up hits and he’s what every boomer likes about baseball. Did you hear about that baseball missing well the Judge ordered a HR up for the guilty party of the Orioles. Aaron Hicks hit one to the bricks in right with another HR for the Yankees. And the other runs were scored by a Mike Ford sacrifice fly, another DJLM RBI (what else do you expect at this point), the Orioles did bad in court today because the Judge served up another punishment with a RBI single. Stanton on route to “Prove Haters Wrong – 95” with a RBI himself, and the final run was Judge coming home off a wild pitch. Your final was 9-3.

7/30 Game 2: Well we start off with the boomer Yankee fans favorite player Giacarlo Stanton (Just Kidding) RBI single to left to score big man Aaron Judge. King Louis Voit III whipped up a Bronx Deli favorite the “Grand Salami” to give the Yankees a 5-0 lead in the 1st. Well we can tell JA Happ didn’t have a happy day on the mound giving up 4 runs in 4 innings. Then the gates above us opened up and let all the rain pour onto the field but we got baseball back so don’t worry. Did I hear Lasagna for dinner? YEP I DID we got Jonathan Loaisiga on the mound for the Yankees after their rain delay. Well we got the vegetable lasagna instead of the meat one because Loaisiga gave up the HR to give the Orioles the 6-5 lead going into the 9th. The Yankees needed to score and it all started with a leadoff walk to Gio Urshela and then DJLM was up at the dish and if you’re thinking that DJ didn’t do anything here well yet again you find yourself wrong because the machine hits a fastball low to right field and now there is 2nd and 1st with the Judge at the plate. AARON JUDGE HITS THE GO AHEAD 3 RUN SHOT TO LEFT TO GIVE THE YANKS A 8-6 LEAD!!! Zack not Zach Britton closes the game against his former foes and the Yankees improve their record to 4-1 and take the sweep of the Orioles right before their home opener tomorrow against the Red Sox.

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