New York Liberty 2020 Season Preview

  Well here I am writing about the New York Liberty again, and I’m here to try and convince you to watch this season. Usually big stars get you to like a certain basketball team or a football team, like for me Carmelo Anthony got me into Basketball. So you’re probably wondering, “who does the Liberty have that could convince me to watch the WNBA?” Well that’s a simple answer and the answer is Sabrina Ionescu. Sabrina is a star already and that’s a fact, without even playing a single WNBA game she’s become a household name around sports. Maybe you heard of her because she’s a product of the late great Kobe Bryant, maybe you heard of her because of her insane college resume that no male or female has ever done and if you wanna read more about Sabrina and wanna see me a more indepth look here’s is your chance. https://thedyspatch.wordpress.com/2020/06/16/sabrina-ionescu-the-next-ny-superstar/

New Foundation: After two horrendous seasons under former coach Katie Smith the Liberty management decided to hire Walt Hopkins. Walt has been an assistant coach for the Minnesota Lynx since 2017, and has been around a great player named Maya Moore who is one of best of all time. Walt is known around the league as a guy who can really develop players and get the max from the younger woman. Walt’s offense is just a freelance offense and letting Sabrina determine if they need a play or not, and especially with Sabrina’s high IQ this might be very scary. There will be 2 players coming back from last year’s Liberty team and there will be 7 rookies which is a crime and a blessing. Another reason I’m getting into this and why you should consider watching is that you’ll be watching a team grow together and you’ll see bonds you won’t see in the NBA or the WNBA.

Expectations: Now Sabrina has very very high expectations coming off her college days because she’s the only male or female to have over 2,000 points, 1,000 Rebounds, and 1,000 Assists. Think how insane that is for a second, like I can’t even process that, if you’re in NY definitely watch a star grow bigger and bigger with Sabrina. Now moving onto the team, with a new system, new faces there will be growing pains and a lot of ups and downs. Are the playoffs expected? No they shouldn’t give this team time to grow and maybe they can pick someone good up in FA since their cap is pretty good right now. Is there a chance at the playoffs? Of course with the 22 game shortened season anything can happen you just cannot afford a slow start. It’s gonna be hard with the Liberty playing the favorites Seattle Storm with Brianna Stewart, and Sue Bird returning on primetime on ESPN at noon.

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