It is indeed Opening Day, Ladies and Gentlemen. We’ve waited so long, and it feels like a dream come true that Baseball IS BACK! To start the year, the New York Yankees will face the defending champion Washington Nationals. Both of these teams look very different from last year. The Yankees added Ace pitcher, Gerrit Cole, and the Nationals lost Anthony Rendon to the Los Angeles Angels. Rendon was a considerable part of that World Series Championship. Still, the Nationals rely on their phenomenal pitching rotation, including Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Patrick Corbin, and Anibal Sanchez. These four pitches are top pitchers in baseball and are the sole reason they are World Series champions. The Yankees have a high pitching rotation and: Gerrit Cole, James Paxton, Mashiro Tanaka, and Mike King. This rotation isn’t official, but they have many good pitchers to put at the four and fifth spot. Since Juan Soto just tested positive for COVID-19, the game might get shutdown. If it does occur, this game will be an exciting matchup, and it will all depend on if Gerrit Cole plays like 2019 Gerrit Cole. The starting lineup for the Yankees have just been released. Check it out:

@Yankees via Twitter

The Nationals lineup may look like this (not official):

  1. Trea Turner (SS)
  2. Adam Eaton (OF)
  3. Andrew Stevenson (OF, Juan Soto tested positive for COVID-19)
  4. Howie Kendrick (DH)
  5. Eric Thames (1B)
  6. Starlin Castro (2B)
  7. Carter Kieboom (3B)
  8. Yan Gomes (C)
  9. Victor Robles (OF)

The pitching matchup will be Gerrit Cole against Max Scherzer. I think it’s safe to say that Cole has an easier battle than Scherzer does. Remember, this is the first game of the season so that the players may be rusty. Hopefully, no injuries will occur, and it’ll be safe and fun.

How to Watch and Favorites to Win:

Now since this is indeed the first game of the season, this game will be programmed on ESPN on TV and Radio. You will be able to find it streamed on fuboTV. The game will start at 7:08 pm eastern time in Washington, D.C. According to many the Yankees are favored to win.


At FBD, five of our writers/designers have the Yankees winning. One of them has the Washington Nationals winning. Matt (@MeloWRLD7 on twitter), has the NYY winning 4-3. Marcin (@G0LDEK16 on twitter) has the NYY winning 7-5. Saben (SBNNuggets on twitter) has NYY winning 6-1. Giancarlo (@barzysflow) on twitter) has NYY winning 6-1. I (@jd_5BD on twitter) have NYY winning 5-2). YB (@DesignsByYB on twitter) has Washington winning 3-2. This game is now in jeopardy, but let us hope! Praying for Juan Soto! Go Yankees!

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