Mets Rising Stars going into the 2020-2021 Season

The New York Mets have a lot of stars that are only getting better. This is a list of stars I believe will not disappoint this season.

Pete Alonso

Coming off a Rookie of the Year, All Star, and All MLB First Team season, hopes are high for the young star Pete Alonso. Alonso is young and on a fast track to success if he can keep improving throughout this season. Last year Alanso finished 7th in MVP voting as a rookie, which is insane. This year he could become a legitimate MVP candidate. Home runs are one of the many things baseball fans love to watch. Last year Alonso led the league in home runs hit in a season, and this year I expect him to only get better and lead the league again. I could go on and on about Alonso’s achievements as a rookie but what’s important is that next year he will be even better and the league has to watch out for him.

Jacob deGrom

The clear best pitcher in the league may get his third Cy Young Award in a row. He has pitched phenomenally throughout the past two years and I expect that same caliber of pitching, if not better this year. deGrom could be a key factor to how much success the Mets have this upcoming season. deGrom is in the early stages of his prime but I believe his peak is still to come.

Patrick Mazeika

Not many people know the name Patrick Mazeika now but many will after this season. Mazeika has had an outstanding but short lived spring training. He had a batting average of .417 on 5-11 hitting! He even hit a homerun on one of those five hits! He may not develop into the future of the Mets franchise but he should have good PT this season. If the Mets give him a chance and he plays the way he did in spring training he could be a ROTY candidate. 

Jeff Mcneil

Jeff Mcneil is a young player at 28 who last year, has had a very high batting average last year at .318 (6th), but this spring training he stepped his game up a notch with a batting average of .400 on 12-30 hitting. If these increased numbers are a sign of improvement, I expect him to be a big offensive threat for the mets.

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson is a rapidly improving pitcher who should be a great relief pitcher for deGrom. Wilson went from an era of 5.09 to an era of 3.46, and then finally last year an era of 2.54. If he can continue to improve the Mets pitching depth should be strong.

If all of the Mets young players can improve this year hopes are higher for the Mets throughout this season.

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