New York Giants

All-NFC East first team: Offense

Quarterback: Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz without a doubt in my mind is the best Quarterback in the NFC East. In 2019 Carson once again showed why he was the #2 overall pick in 2016, leading a lineup filled with mostly practice squad players to win after win and eventually the playoffs where they would later lose to the Seattle Seahawks only after Carson was injured from a late hit from Jadeveon Clowney. Not only did this run solidify Carson Wentz as the top Quarterback in the NFC East it also placed him in my top 10 Quarterbacks in the NFL.

Second team: Dak Prescott 

RunningBack: Saquon Barkley 

The do it all talent out of Penn State, Saquon Barkley is my choice for first-team all NFC East. Ever since his first game in the NFL Saquon has just been different, he can beat you any way imaginable from juking you out of your shoes to beating you with pure speed or simply just running through you with power generated from those humongous thighs. In Saquon’s rookie year he led the league in yards from scrimmage with 2028 yards, however, in 2019 Saquon did fall off a bit due to injury and poor offensive line play but expect Saquon to bounce back in 2020 with the addition of Andrew Thomas at left tackle and Jason Garrett who is known for getting the best out of his runningbacks at offensive coordinator.

Second team: Ezekiel Elliot

Wide receiver 1: Amari Cooper

I know the Cowboys fans reading this are probably fuming in anger right now because I did not give Zeke or Dak first team all NFC East but here’s your reward for lasting this long. Amari Cooper, in my opinion, is the best route runner in the NFL, the way he runs his routes with so much grace and precision makes me feel like I’m watching art on the field (look up Amari Cooper best routes). Since Amari arrived in Dallas in the middle of the 2018 season he has been nothing short of magnificent catching over 1000 yards both of the years he’s been there.

Second team: CeeDee Lamb

Wide receiver 2: Terry McLaurin 

Now it pains me to do this due to the hate I’ve begun to conjure up for the Washington (insert name here) and the Washington (insert name here) fanbase but unlike most (insert name here) fans I can’t undermine talent when I see it and when I look at Terry McLaurin’s film that is exactly what I see. Terry is a speedy wide receiver with solid hands and good route running, in McLaurin’s rookie year he impressed greatly showing off his skill set not just as a field stretcher but as a wideout that can run the whole route tree and possibly become a WR1.

Second team: Darius Slayton

Wide receiver 3: Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup is a 3rd-year wideout out of Colorado state university (CSU) he was selected 81st overall by the Dallas Cowboys and ever since he’s been their #2 wide receiver. Gallup is an extremely talented player known for his route running and I personally know Gallup as the guy that tore up DeAndre Baker for 158 yards in week 1 of last year’s season. Gallup and Amari offer 2 of the best receiving duos (when it comes to creating separation) in the NFL and it confuses me why Dak Prescott isn’t elite.

Second team: Sterling Shepard

Tight End: Zach Ertz

Before I even opened up my laptop to write this article I already knew the award to this position would be the easiest to give out being that there is a top 3 tight end in this division. Zach Ertz is one of the few premier Tight Ends in the NFL he is also extremely good at blocking and receiving while he is beginning to hit the ladder half of his career at age 29 he still is a consistent force on the field at all times. If the Eagles offense were a play Zach Ertz would be an actor for 2 different characters, one for the mean blocker and the other for the nice receiving player.

Second team: Evan Engram

Offensive line

LT: Lane Johnson

LG: Zack Martin

C: Jason Kelce

RG: Brandon Brooks

RT: Tyron Smith


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