How Matisse Thybulle is Becoming a Fan Favorite Very Quickly

  Now I know most of you haven’t heard of Matisse before but after reading this you’ll know his name in some sort of capacity. Matisse will maybe not be known on the court as much as he will be off the court. And why is that? Well because Matisse along with other NBA players have been vlogging in the bubble and have been posting them to their respective Youtube channels. Matisse is a 23 year old rookie who plays for Philadelphia and he’s one of those players who show more than the stat sheet does. Matisse is one of the league’s premiere defenders and can guard basically anyone. Now let’s get into the reason why he’s becoming one of my favorite players along with lots of other NBA fans.

On July 11th, Matisse dropped his first video on his channel called, “Welcome To The Bubble – Day 1“ and it gave everyone a chance to see what the bubble life is all about and give a behind the scenes look during this strange time. Over his 4 videos so far Matisse has given us NBA fans a chance to see the daily life of a NBA player in the bubble. For example, Matisse shows how players get tested and how frequently they get tested, but the cool thing is the Disney watch they have because it tells if they’ve been tested and is their door key and I find it to be the coolest thing ever. Disney has a lot of things opened for the NBA players like riding a boat, fishing, and a lot more. In one of Matisse’s vlogs he showed off the gaming room that has arcade games, ping pong, cards, and more. It’s crazy to think all these millionaires are in the same hotel together, guys like LeBron and Kawhi are currently eating the same thing and live in the same hotel, am I the only one that thinks this is so cool. My personal favorite part of these vlogs is just seeing NBA players being themselves and seeing them off the hardwood. What you see on TV when games happen are players who are serious and you don’t get to see their real personality  and with these vlogs you get to see team relationships, friendships you wouldn’t normally see on TV. It’s just cool to think that players have such deep friendships that go beyond basketball. Give these vlogs a chance and take a look they are very well done and if you’re a NBA fan you’ll 110% like them. 

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