MLB Power Rankings 1.0: Yankees #1? Mets Top 10?

1. Los Angeles Dodgers ( 0 – 0 ) 

Well this doesn’t need a lot of explanation. The Dodgers have 2 of the best players in the league with Mookie and Bellinger. The Dodgers have a very good rotation with Walker Buehler, Kersh, and the up and coming Dustin May. Bullpen isn’t elite but still very solid with Kenley Jansen, Joe Kelly, and Blake Treinen who is looking to bounce back after a disappointing season in Oakland.

2. New York Yankees ( 0 – 0 ) 

The Yankees have been on the verge of a World Series appearance for the last 3 years now just to fall short. There has always been the missing piece that the Yankees needed and that piece is named Gerrit Cole. The Yankees have debatably the best offense with the Dodgers and the Yankees have the best bullpen in the league and it’s not even close. I need to see everyone healthy *COUGH JUDGE* *COUGH STANTON* before I can put them above the Dodgers.

3. Minnesota Twins ( 0 – 0 )

The Twins are so high because of how east their schedule is with the AL Central and the NL Central. But the Twins did add Josh Donaldson who came off a big comeback season and looked like Blue Jays Donaldson a little bit. Very strong bullpen with a solid starting rotation with additions of Rich Hill and Kenta Maeda. Last season the Twins broke the Yankees HR record and will continue to smash baseballs this year with a new star in the lineup.

4. Atlanta Braves ( 0 – 0 )

The Braves have a very young team that will eventually win something and this year it came true. Ronald Acuña being one of the league’s best players at 22 has a good chance of winning a MVP in a shortened season. With guys like Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies in the lineup you really can’t go wrong. Big additions to the bullpen for last year and this year bringing in Shane Greene, and filthy left hander Will Smith. Rotation is very good with Mike Soroka, Max Foltynewicz, and Max Fried.

5. Tampa Bay Rays ( 0 – 0 )

The Rays are a very big threat in the East and personally I think they pass the Astros for this spot. Their rotation is compiled with Blake Snell, Charlie Morton, and Tyler Glasnow three guys who are capable of winning a CY Young any year. The Rays have a good bullpen according to stats but it doesn’t show on paper because there isn’t a name that would stand out. The lineup is very good and let’s not forget they took the Astros to 5 games with Cole sooooo you know what happens when Cole isn’t on that rotation.

Ranking the rest:

6. Houston Astros

7. Washington Nationals

8. Oakland A’s

9. Los Angeles Angels 

10. New York Mets

11. St. Louis Cardinals

12. Cincinnati Reds

13. Arizona Diamondbacks 

14. Chicago Cubs

15. Cleveland Indians

16. Milwaukee Brewers

17. Chicago White Sox

18. Boston Red Sox

19. Philadelphia Phillies 

20. Texas Rangers

21. Toronto Blue Jays

22. San Diego Padres

23. Colorado Rockies 

24. San Francisco Giants

25. Miami Marlins

26. Kansas City Royals

27. Pittsburgh Pirates

28. Seattle Mariners

29. Baltimore Orioles

30. Detroit Tigers

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