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Why did these Coaches and General Managers leave the NY Jets organization (Part Two)?

Welcome to the second installment on what coaches and front office executives the Jets had and lost. Then they went onto do great things on their next teams. This is the second installment, so let us stop the chitter chat and start. Here you enjoy:

List of Coaches/Front Office Executives:


#1, LB/Assist. Buddy Ryan: In 1969, Buddy Ryan was the New York Jets, linebacker coach. In his time in NY, he eventually became an assistant coach and won a Super Bowl with us in 1969 (Super Bowl III). After his tenure in NY, Buddy was then hired in Minnesota in 1976 to be their defensive line coach. They went onto appear in a Super Bowl and lost. After Minnesota, here begins the real legacy of the great defensive mind of Buddy Ryan. Buddy joined the Chicago Bears as the coach of the defense, defensive coordinator. Buddy eventually formed the great defense that led the Bears to win the Super Bowl in 1985. Buddy was at his best in his time in Chicago, but he was always a great defensive coach. And it’s a shame the Jets didn’t hire him as their full-time coach. He could’ve been so perfect for us after Coach Ewbank. Yet, again another miss by the NY Jets.


#2, HC Bill Parcells: In 1997, the New York Jets hired Bill Parcells as the head coach of the team. He brought along his men, especially the great Bill Belichick. We had some pretty great years with him. We went 9-7, 12-4, and 8-8 with him. Yet, when he left, everything went to crap. Not only did we lose “the heir to the throne” (Bill Belichick), but a dynasty started with that heir. Instead of staying with the Jets, he retired. Then, he came back from retirement and coached the Dallas Cowboys and went to the playoffs twice, and he only went to the playoffs once with us. After Bill left, awful things started to occur. We should’ve just kept him in NY. We wanted him so bad in 1997 we had to pay compensation to New England, so why not resign him to an extension? Even if he wanted to retire, you could offer someone a deal they can not deny. Yet, again classic old Jets.

That’ll be it for the second and final installment on Why did these Coaches and General Managers leave the NY Jets organization (Part Two)? I couldn’t find any more big-name coaches that found success and left the Jets. The tough times have passed; hopefully, the good times are coming. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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