FBD’s NBA Bubble Rankings

FBD has their NBA Team Rankings going into the Bubble and some of you will disagree and that’s fine so drop by our twitter pages and ask us and tell us why your team or another team should be higher or lower.

@MeloWRLD7 (Me) List

1: Milwaukee Bucks 

2: Los Angeles Clippers

3: Los Angeles Lakers

4: Boston Celtics

5: Toronto Raptors

6: Miami Heat

7: Houston Rockets

8: Philadelphia 76ers

9: Denver Nuggets

10: Oklahoma City Thunder

11: Utah Jazz

12: Indiana Pacers

13: Dallas Mavericks

14: Portland Trail Blazers

15: New Orleans Pelicans

16: Memphis Grizzlies

17: Sacramento Kings

18: Phoenix Suns

19: Brooklyn Nets

20: Orlando Magic

21: San Antonio Spurs

22: Washington Wizards

@jd_5BD List

1.Los Angeles Lakers

2.Milwaukee Bucks

3. Los Angeles Clippers

4.Miami Heat

5.Boston Celtics

6.Dallas Mavericks

7.Toronto Raptors

8.Denver Nuggets 

9.OKC Thunder

10.Philadelphia 76ers

11.Utah Jazz

12.Houston Rockets

13.Memphis Grizzlies 

14.Sacramento Kings 

15.New Orleans Pelicans

16.Brooklyn Nets

17.Phoenix Suns

18.Indiana Pacers (No Oladipo Remember)

19.Orlando Magic

20.Washington Wizards

21.San Antonio Spurs

22.Portland Trail Blazers (No Dame remember)

@5BDwens (Owner)

1. Lakers

2. Bucks

3. Clippers

4. Denver

5. Raptors

6. Heat

7.  Houston

8. Jazz

9. Mavericks 

10. Celtics

11. 76ers 

12. Thunder

13. Pelicans

14. Pacers

15. Grizzlies 

16. Trail Blazers

17. Spurs

18. Magic

19. Kings

20. Suns

21. Nets

22. Wizards

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