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Why did these Coaches and General Managers leave the NY Jets organization (Part One)?

Welcome to the newest series on what the Jets have missed out on. This will be on coaches and front office executives the Jets had and lost. Then they went onto do great things on their next teams. This is the first of possibly two articles series. Here you enjoy: 

List of Coaches/Front Office Executives:

#1, DC/HC Pete Carroll: In 1990-93, the NY Jets had Pete Carroll as their defensive coordinator. In 1994 they hired him as their head coach for one year. The Jets went 6-10 that season, and he was appointed. He was replaced with Rich Kotite, who wasn’t any better (he went 3-13 and 1-15). Pete Carroll went on to join the 49ers as a defensive coordinator. Then was hired by rival team New England Patriots to replace Bill Parcells. After he was fired from New England because Bill Belichick was available. Since he was available, the college team USC hired him from 2000-09. He ran into some issues in his time at USC, yet Seattle appointed him as their Head Coaches. And now the rest is history. Carroll has become a great coach and has become a Super Bowl-winning coach. The Jets missed out on a great coach. His time in New York may not have been the best, but he should’ve been given a second chance like Rich Kotite, after doing even worse than Carroll with a 3-13 record. After losing Belichick, the Jets could’ve quickly hired Carroll instead of Al Groh, who was fired a year later. Like usual, the Jets missed out on another chance at a great talent. Truly disappointing.

#2, AC/DC/HC Bill Belichick: In 1997, when Bill Parcells came to NY to coach the NY Jets, he brought along Bill Belichick. Belichick became the assistant coach and defensive coordinator of the NY Jets. The plan for the future was for Belichick to eventually takeover for Parcells and start a possible dynasty. Instead of starting one with the Jets, he resigned on a paper napkin and started one with the rival New England Patriots. The rest is history. This was heart-crushing and awful. As we all know, he has won six… SIX CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! The Jets haven’t even gotten an 11+ win season in his time in New England. It’s truly an awful time NY Jet history. We could’ve had one of the greatest coaches of all time. Instead, our divisional rival did and has taken off ever since. Yet, again it’s the Jets; why are we surprised? Hopefully, better times are coming. 

#3, Ron Wolf: In the 1990 NFL season, Ron Wolf served as the NY Jets personnel director. This man found Brett Favre. He knew that Favre was unique, and they needed him. Dick Steinberg, the GM at the time failed to trade up in the 1991 NFL Draft to get him. So, Ron Wolf instead went to Green Bay the following year and guessed what was his first move? Trading a first round pick to Atlanta for Favre. Wouldn’t the Jets know to trust a two-time Super Bowl champ, especially when he was a scout and brought in players like Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Ken Stabler, Marcus Allen, Howie Long, and many more? When he became the GM for Green Bay, as usual, he became a Super Bowl-winning General Manager. Not only did he become a Super Bowl-winning General Manager, but a Hall Of Famer as well. Astonishing, wow! We could’ve had him. Not surprised this happened, though. 

That’ll be it for Why did these Coaches and General Managers leave the NY Jets organization (Part One)? This is just a keynote. All of these Super Bowl-winning members compile eight Super Bowls after leaving the NY Jets. The tough times have passed; hopefully, the good times are coming. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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