Best Number 10 in NY Sports History

Yesterday we named New York Islanders legend, Clark Gillies as the best number 9 in New York Sports History. Today, we turn our focus to the number 10. Many greats have donned the number 10 in NY history. Here are our nominees from each team:

Lorne Henning (Islanders), Artemi Panarin (Rangers), Rusty Staub (Mets), Phil Rizzuto (Yankees), Eli Manning (Giants), Chad Pennington (Jets), Walt Frazier (Knicks), Otis Birdsong (Nets)

Our pick for the best Number 10 in New York Sports History is Eli Manning. Eli, brother of former 5-time MVP Peyton Manning, and son of former NFL QB Archie Manning, won two Super Bowls (won Super Bowl MVP both times) during his 16-year career. Additionally, Eli beat the previously undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl, delivering some iconic plays along the way such as the Helmet Catch. Manning also ranks 7th all time in Career Passing Yards, with 57,023 all time Passing Yards. Most impressive out of all of Eli’s accolades is his longevity with the Giants, as he played his entire career with New York. As Eli said in his retirement press conference, “As Wellington Mara always said: Once a Giant, always a Giant. For me, it’s only a Giant.” 

Honorable Mention: Walt Frazier

The 7 time NBA all-star played 10 years of his 13 year career with the Knicks (the last three were spent with the Cavaliers), and won 2 championships with New York. Frazier has spent practically his entire career with Knicks, as he has been an announcer since his retirement. His number 10 hangs from the rafters in Madison Square Garden, and had he spent the last 3 years of his playing career with the Knicks, Frazier could have beat Eli Manning out for the best Number 10.

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