Why Zion Losing Weight Should make you Very Scared

  In the 19 games played this year Zion surely lived up to the hype and more. Zion was very dominant in the short amount of time and changed the Pelicans into a playoff contender and has given them the opportunity to make the playoffs in the bubble. The Pelicans should no longer be looked at as an irrelevant team and now should be looked at as a threat. Brandon Ingram was an all star this season and played out of his mind, Lonzo I still believe he will be an all star one day and will go down as one of the greatest passers of all time. Jaxson Hayes showed some flashes at being a very decent Center for them. 

  “Why should I be scared of Zion because he lost weight? I really don’t see the difference.” Well the one knock from most fans and executives on Zion was his weight, Zion was overweight in a bad way. It wasn’t muscle, the majority of it was fat. I always say that if he doesn’t commit to losing weight it’ll hurt his career and cut it short which no one wants. The reason why his weight would cut his career short is because when he jumps and dunks his landing isn’t always the safest and his knees could blow at any moment. And if he’s leaping ability is gone, Zion is completely useless and he’ll be just a Zach Randolph type guy. But multiple sources have confirmed that Zion has lost 25 pounds of pure fat and added 10 pounds of muscle. Losing 25 pounds isn’t easy in that short amount of time he had off, but his commitment to losing weight has shown me and most people that Zion is here to stay and will have a long and successful career. In the 19 games Zion averaged 23.6 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 2.2 APG, on 59% from the field, and a surprising 46% from 3. Personally leaner Zion really does scare the holy living number 2 outta me because he already has mad hops while being borderline obese and now he’s losing weight which technically means he’ll be able to jump higher like how is that fair? Zion is gonna be moving faster and gonna be able to use his newly found speed to get around players and dunking on some heads. Zion is the future of the NBA and that’s painful to say because the media has been pushing that down my throat for almost 2 years now. The NBA has marketed him perfectly and has possibly made New Orleans a destination for stars to go to. The Pelicans are gonna be very fun to watch over the next couple of years and I’m not excited to see how good Zion is gonna do because it just won’t be fair to the NBA. 

Realistic Numbers Now?: Now the realistic number for Zion is gonna be something because we all know this kid is special but we didn’t know he was gonna be this special. I could see him hovering around 25 PPG next season if healthy the whole season. Zion could 100% be a 10 RPG type of guy if given that role, and he’ll stay about the same with his APG. He won’t be a high block number type of player but will give you a lot of blocks over a course of a season. “Do you think a full healthy season from Zion could result in a MVP next year?” No absolutely not because there are still guys named Giannis, James Harden, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard. “Do you see him eventually winning one?” Yes I’m 90% sure that Zion will win a MVP if leg injuries don’t occur. “Finally do you see the Pelicans being anything close to a Finals contender?” I see the Pelicans as a finals condenser in a couple of years if Ingram still plays at this level, if Lonzo can be the right hand guy for Zion and become one of the best duos in basketball, and if they draft correctly and use their FA money to build shooting pieces around Zion.

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