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Why can’t the NY Jets keep a star or role player caliber players? (Part Three)

Welcome to the third and most likely final installment of “Why can’t the NY Jets keep a star or role player caliber player?” I promised part three as well, so here it is. Some of these players wouldn’t be considered superstars, just like in the last article, but they are role players and stars. Here we go:

List of Players:

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#1: NT Damon Harrison: Harrison is one of the diamonds in the rough in the 2012 Draft. He went undrafted, and the Jets signed him to a deal. In his first year, he only played five games for the Jets. But, then, the next year, he became the starting Nose Tackle for the NY Jets. Damon Harrison proceeded to ball OUT! He didn’t put up crazy statistical numbers because he was more of a run stopper. If he was on the field, you aren’t getting a rushing yard. When Harrison became a free agent in 2016 and signed with the state rival team, the NY Giants, this right here was a massive loss for the Jets. Not only did they lose a leader on the line and a team player who wasn’t an issue, but also the best Nose Tackle against the run. They used the money they should’ve paid him with to re-sign Mohammed Wilkerson, who didn’t live up to expectations. Yet, Harrison went on to be an All-Pro tackle with the Giants. Harrison’s football book isn’t done yet. Currently, he’s on the Lions and probably will be pretty good. These Jets don’t know who they should and shouldn’t sign—these damn Jets.

Kathy Willens/Associated Press

#2: DT Sheldon Richardson: With the first-round pick the NY Jets have acquired from the Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay trade, the Jets selected Sheldon Richardson. Richardson was a solid player for the Jets and could be considered a superstar. In his rookie year (2013), he won the AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award. The year after, he went to the Pro-Bowl. For the next two years, Sheldon was pretty good for the Jets. Even though he was a good player, his presence in the locker room was an issue. He was then traded away for a fair price to Seattle. The Jets got Jermaine Kearse and a second-round pick in return. It wasn’t an awful deal, but ever since the Jets haven’t been able to find an excellent tackle to replace him. The Jets drafted Quinnen Williams last year, but he didn’t have an impressive rookie campaign. Maybe his numbers will improve, or we just drafted another bust with a high draft pick and couldn’t replace somebody that had already been good at the position. Sheldon Richardson could’ve easily been fixed and cooperated with the Jets if they wanted to heal the relationship. We could’ve helped him with his marijuana issue. But, just like Stephen A. Smith says, “Staaaaaay offffffffff the WEEEEEEEEEE DUH!” Richardson is currently playing on the loaded Cleveland Browns. Jets lost another critical star player and another wasted high draft pick.


#3: DE Leonard Williams: With the sixth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the NY Jets selected Leonard Williams. Williams brought hope to the team on the defensive side. He had a decent rookie campaign. The year after his rookie, he was elected on the 2016 Pro-Bowl team. He had an awful 2017 year and had a modest rebound year in 2018. The thing about Williams is he doesn’t bring up a lot of sacks but brings a considerable amount of pressure. Yet, sacks are what changes the game. The pressure is good, and all but the QB still has enough time to throw it away. Instead of paying him to stay, they traded him to the rival state team Giants for a third-round and fourth-round pick. His football book isn’t over, but these players usually find luck out of the Florham Park (the NY Jets practice facility). I can’t say NY because Williams is still in NY. He seems like the type of player that may be out of the league soon, but we’ll see if this was a good or bad trade. It is disappointing that the Jets couldn’t keep their sixth overall pick when he has some talent we can work with. Yet, as I said, we’ll see soon if this was worth those picks.

This was it for the third and most likely final installment of the “Why can’t the NY Jets keep superstar/star/role player caliber players” series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and these may have been some names you may have forgotten lately. There are so many I couldn’t blame you. The next series will be about coaches and front office members the Jets had and lost to other teams, and they became successful after leaving the Jets. It’s going to bring heartache, but it will be entertaining. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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